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Thread: Astron RS-20m panel meter replacement

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    Default Astron RS-20m panel meter replacement

    I have an Astron RS-20M power supply that needs a new amp panel meter. While this isn't the greastest looking power supply, it works well....but I would like the panel meters to at least work.

    Are there direct replacements for this? Or can I find some digital meters that will work without too much re-engineering?



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    Have you tried contacting Astron directly for a replacement meter?

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    The problem will be mechanical more than electrical; meter surrounds (bezels) tend to be different for each manufacturer and it's often impossible to find a match.

    I can't find a decent picture of your supply but it does look as if the bezels are "special".

    As QI says, try Astron.

    Electrically, replacing the meters with digital ones would be simple; we have been talking about meters here;

    You would have to work-out how to attach them to the panel; a rectangle of black plastic could make a false panel to mount the digitals in; or mount the meters in plastic boxes and attach those to the panel.

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