I have three C106 pre-MFJ Mirage amplifiers for sale. All have been tested and work (except preamps, hard to tell on FM). No power leads provided, but it is a simple molex connector.
#1 is the best of the three, 5in>50out, .5in>5out $100+shipping
#2 is the middle child, 5in>30out, .5in>2.5out $75+shipping
#3 needs some TLC, works, but only 5in>17out, .5in>7out, also the molex power jack is missing and has been bypassed with power leads soldered to the board inside $50+shipping
I take Paypal or USPS Money Order (no 7-11 MOs please). Shipping will be via USPS flat rate Priority Mail at about $12 to US.
May trade for VHF-UHF gear or antennas, especially a brownface Mirage amp for 430 that matches the B-23. Satellite stuff is always good too.