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Thread: Looking for Yaesu VX7R parts

  1. Default Looking for Yaesu VX7R parts

    Hi all,

    I just bought a used VX7R. The clear plastic window over the display have a big crack on it. I'd like to change it myself. Is there a Yaesu parts supplier in North america? If not, where can I call or write to ask for this part.

    Tnx in advance!

    73 de JP, VA2SG

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    Yes there can call Yaesu at 714-827-7600.

    Before you call, download the service manual here to get the correct part number. This is not absolutely necessary but will save you some time when talking to Yaesu. Without the part number, you first have to talk to the service department to get it, and sometimes you can get the wrong part. I did once.

    But they should be able to take care of your order. If it's in stock, it'll be shipped almost immediately. If it has to come from Japan, the order'll take a little longer.

    Good luck!

    [edit] Oops! I didn't notice your call before replying. The number I gave was for the California Yaesu place. There might be one in Canada. But the people in the California office seem good to deal with.

    BTW...I just looked at the service manual and what you need is on page 4. Looks easy to change.
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    Tnx for the info OM, got the part nr and in process of ordering. I love my VX7R for working FM satellites. 73!
    73 de JP, VA2SG

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