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Thread: Help with ts440s vfo dial problem

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    Default Help with ts440s vfo dial problem

    Hi Guys and gals, I have got a problem with my TS440s in that when I rotate the VFO dial the frequency only goes up... It also goes up when I turn in the reverse direction. But when I use the up and down buttons on the mike it works ok.. Any ideas where to start looking...



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    Probably the shaft encoder.

    People regularly part these radios out and sell the stuff on ebay.

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    Yes, it sounds like a dirty or fault shaft encoder (could be corrosion on the encoder plug to PC board).

    I believe that rotary encoder is still available from Kenwood Parts.
    Good Kenwood techs (Avvid) are available to address this, check your memory coin cell battery and the audio amp capacitor.


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