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Thread: KENWOOD VFO (DFC-230)

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    Default KENWOOD VFO FOR SALE (DFC-230)

    FOR SALE: Kenwood Digital Frequency Controller. I like to simply call it a VFO becasue that's what it really is! It is fully operational as I just disconnected it from my TS-830S.
    Here is a brief description of the unit:
    The Kenwood DFC-230 is an external digital frequency controller. It provides maximum efficiency and flexibility for mobile or fixed operation by providing a 20 Hz step VFO and four memories. For memories, the frequency can be transferred from VFO to memory or from memory to VFO. An audible 'beep' indicates memory input and recall. The digital readout displays VFO or memory frequency.
    The required 9 VDC 30 ma and 13.8 VDC 300 ma is derived from the TS-130 series, TS-830S or TS-120S/V.
    There are a few minor scratches on the top, but all in all, its in nice physical condx.
    The going price for the unitis between $135 and $150. It comes with the original manual, and cables, but no microphone.
    I'm asking $125.00 plus postage of $12.00 to CONUS addresses.
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