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Thread: Reverse Callsign Look-Up

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    Default Reverse Callsign Look-Up

    I thought I saw something on here the other day but I am not sure. I signed in with my call sign and password here on QRZ and hit the "continue" button on the screen. Low and behold a list of five call signs popped up on the screen, all looking like the calls of some stations I had recently worked. I did not have my log book with me and they didn't stay up long so I could not verify this. I have not been able to duplicate the situation again. Does anyone know what I did (or may have done)? Thanks, Mike

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    You must have heard about echoes where people hear their CQ's repeated three seconds later, what you experienced was a call sign QSO echo.


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    3 seconds, my, some very long delayed echo's
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    If you click on your callsign on your message, one of the options is to view your profile. This is not the same as your callsign lookup page.

    The profile lists the last people to visit that page. I clicked on your call, so I'm listed there. Is that possibly what you saw?

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    Well, sort of. But thanks, I did not know that option existed. Mike

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    long path delay

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