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Thread: DXLab Announces QRZ XML Support

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    Default DXLab Announces QRZ XML Support

    DXKeeper and Pathfinder are members of the freeware DXLab Suite, a set of eight interoperating applications designed to automate amateur radio DXing activities. DXKeeper supports logging, QSLing and award tracking. Pathfinder is a specialized web browser that provides 1-click access to more than 80 online sources of QSL information, including

    DXKeeper has long been able to populate new and already-logged QSOs with information from without requiring a subscription. It does this by directing Pathfinder to display the results – including advertisements – and then analyzing the returned information. Fred AA7BQ’s continued improvements to the web site have occasionally broken this mechanism, but its been easy to update Pathfinder to compensate; users can obtain and install such updates with a single mouse click.

    After the most recent changes, I reviewed the existing interoperation with Fred to be certain that he is comfortable with it. During this conversation, Fred suggested that I provide direct access for DXLab users with data-only (XML) or full subscriptions – a request already made by several DXLab users over the past few months. Last Friday, I released DXKeeper version 7.3.3 with this capability.

    Thus DXLab users now have the same choice available to those accessing via a web browser: access the callbook data without a subscription but with accompanying advertisements, or access the data directly with an appropriate subscription.

    All DXLab applications are free, and available via .


    Dave, AA6YQ
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    Default dxlabs and QRZ

    cool, DXL is a great suite of programs and especially for the DX'ers and this ability to work with it is great, thanks.

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    Yep, DX-Lab is in use here since 2004, updated when there was an update availble. At this moment I would feel a little helpless without it, especially with keeping track of my DXCC and IOTA records.
    After 2 harddrive crashes , no paperlog as backup, it was pretty easy just to reinstall and put the adif log in.....everything OK again.
    Tnx aa6yq , Dave, for a very good program.

    73 es merry xmas
    k6faf, Hans
    It's all over when you stop laughing about yourself! :cool:

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    Default DXLab & QRZ XML Support

    This is most excellent. Nice work fellas.

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