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Thread: Mosley TA-53/TA-63

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    Default Mosley TA-53/TA-63

    Does anyone have the documentation to upgrade the Mosley TA-53M to a TA-63N? Mosley will not provide the info. Apparently the info is top secret unless you buy the upgrade kit! I even offered to pay the cost of the info. Or does anyone have the TA-63N assembly info? I know a reflector and director is added for six meters. Also, the original director is shortened and the reflector is lengthened but I don't have specifics. I have the TA-53m and many older Mosley antenna parts. I am just trying to do the upgrade myself. Just trying to save a few bucks being unemployed.

    Thanks, Joe, WB8HWF
    jmperge at
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    Dear Joe,

    You have a MOSLEY TA-53-M.

    Is the F/B ratio correct for actual trafic ?

    Your's is feed with coaxial balun (MOSLEY) or with ferrite 1/1 balun (like BN86) ?

    The working in 6 meters, is very strange : where is the radiator ???

    Many thanks and best 73

    John (F6BGV)

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    Default ta 63

    HI i have a ta 63 i will look for in fo for you john phone 1 440 352 0141 kc8odh

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