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Thread: Daiwa dp-830

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    Default Daiwa dp-830

    looking at one of these on eBay and was just seeking some information about these meters. i looked around the net but wasn't able to come up with a whole lot so i thought maybe someone around here would have some experience with one.
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    Default Daiwa dp-830

    I have been using this meter for several years, great time saver for loading the amplifier. I don't recall where or when I purchased the thing but I have gone the route of trying to find info etc. and couldn't find much. I do recall it being a quite high original MSRP in the high $300s and I believe it wasn't sold or marketed in the US. As far as operation is concerned it has never had any problems. Never checked it against a true piece of test equipment, I've compared it to an analog Diawa meter the rig etc. and seems pretty accurate if not a bit "Stingy".. I have seen requests for help when the back-light burns out and that could be a potential problem.. I think if you can get one used for $150-$200 it would be a decent buy..Usual half or less of original price.....
    73 DE Don N7QNO

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