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Thread: Butternut HF9V + TBR160S 160 meter to 6 meter Vertical Antenna

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    Default Butternut HF9V + TBR160S 160 meter to 6 meter Vertical Antenna

    SOLD !!!

    Butternut HF9V 6m through 80 meter high performance vertical antenna, plus TBR-160S 160 meter kit. Antenna was up for apx 3 years, and has been well cared for. I had the antenna ground mounted with 100 random length radials worked well over 200 countries, mostly on 20, 30, 40, 75 and 80 with 100 Watts. Antenna looks good. Mounting tube below base insulator is still in concrete and will not be supplied. To be completely honest, Antenna did take a glancing lightning hit on the top section, but has worked since the storm. Guaranteed not to be DOA. I took down the HF9V + TBR160S and replaced it with a SteppIR BiggIR vertical becuase of its appearance (CC&R issues) and better lightning protection of SteppIR when vertical element is collapsed. In the past, I have replaced broken 40m doorknob capacitor. Antenna is sold "as-is". E-mail for additional details. $300 for HF9V + TBR160S + some spare parts + shipping after receipt of Bank Cashier's Check. Please send e-mail to KY5Q at ARRL dot Net (preferred communictions method). Photos on request. USA/Canada only.

    Item Condition

    Overall Condition: Excellent
    Electrical Condition: See Description
    Cosmetic Appearance: See Description
    Smoking Environment: N

    Pricing/Payment Information

    Asking Price: 300.00 Lot
    Payment Accepted:Cashiers Check / Money Order

    Shipping Information

    Shipping Destinations:North America
    Shipping Methods: UPS Ground,Not Specified

    Contact Information

    Contact Name: Bill Ripley
    Contact Email:
    ContactPhone: 505 980 8353
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