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Thread: International Museum Ship Radio Event

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    Default International Museum Ship Radio Event

    International Museum Ship Radio Event

    The 2008 Museum Ships Event will be sponsored by 'The Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station' (BNJARS) and will take place during the period of 0001z, June 7th to 2359z, June 8th.

    Ships wishing to participate should send a note to with the name of ship, callsign, location, QSL info and contact info for person responsible.

    During this event every year there are participation of naval ships, lightships, steamships, research vessel and merchant ships. Interesting international ships such as the British cruiser HMS Belfast (GB2RN) will take part.

    A certificate is available for all stations that work at least 15 different ships listed as officially participating by sending a copy of their log entries showing these contacts. Working the same ship on different frequencies DOES NOT count as 2 ships.

    To receive a certificate, please send either 3 USDs to cover costs or send a large enough envelope with enough postage
    (Certificates should not be folded) to: Margaret Burgess, KB2BRR, 150 Schooner Ave., Barnegat, NJ 08005, USA.
    All certificate requests must be received by September 30th, 2008.

    A list of participating ships is available on the USS "NEW JERSEY" web site at:

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    Default Museum Ship Weekend - FUN!

    What a great fun weekend, chasing ships. In the past few years, I have QSO'd 67 different ships and have QSLs from 66. 73, Charles W5VFO

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    This is my single favorite annual amateur radio event.

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    Default fun event, but a racket

    Still waiting for the certificate that I earned and paid for in this event two years ago.

    Have fun in the event, but hold on to your wallet. caveat emptor.


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    G4TUT, W5ESE, et al...

    As one who has had the privilege of operating aboard the USS Texas (a retired and designated museum battleship) during this event, I can relate that the Museum Ships weekend is indeed a fun event.*

    As for Scott's charge that the event is a racket, I believe that is an unfair statement...Perhaps an effort (or continued effort) to communicate with event organizers, furnishing details and supporting documents as appropriate will resolve the certificate problem.




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    I drill onboard BB-62 as an Instuctor USNSCC, and joined the NJ2BB club. I'm looking forward to this exciting event
    My first QSL card was marked [COLOR=red]refused[/COLOR] and returned to sender. Don't send me junk mail off the FCC database and expect to get my business.

    Show us how unsure you are of your manhood by boasting about how you passed a CW exam when Carter was President

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    Default USS Albacore/NM1JY QSL card returned

    My QSL card sent to USS Albacore/NM1JY via the Port City ARC address in York, ME per came back from the Post Office as not deliverable. Does anyone have an address to exchange QSL cards?

    Thanks and 73,

    Jim Pogue/KH2AR
    Memphis, TN

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