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    Hi Folks,

    I have a really nice, complete Ten Tec Paragon station For Sale.The only flaws on the transceiver are that the printing has worn off of the soft "TUNE" and "ENTER" buttons on the keypad. The Paragon just came back from TenTec with a clean bill of health.It is doing what it is supposed to do on all bands. It also works on the mars frequencies. It comes with the #285 500HZ.CW filter installed. The paragon has a general coerage receiver also.

    The #961 POWER SUPPLY W/SPEAKER is in perfect operating condition, but does have a few scratches on the cabinet.

    This station also includes a LIKE-NEW TenTec #706 (not a typo) desk mic. It even still has the windscreen attached.

    It also has the original manual and will be shipped in the Ten Tec box that I just received it from the factory in.

    I will sell for $775.00 complete PLUS SHIPPING.

    I will also consider an interesting trade offer, but this is not junk and I don't want to trade for somebody's junk.

    73, and thanks for taking a look!

    Al Brooks K9XR
    Cell: (708) 289-2774
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