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Thread: G5RV Setup

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    I'm looking to install a G5RV in my back yard. The only way that I can get this in my property is to place each end at about 90 degrees, but horizontally. I understand that the G5RV does not work well as an inverted V, but if the entire antenna is horizontal, is that still considered an inverted V and if not, will this still work?


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    Yes it will work. That is exactly the lash up I had until about a week ago. Would it work better in a straight line and nice and high...of course.....will you make contacts with what you've got...of course.
    Get that antenna up in the air as best you can and OPERATE my other words...go for it.
    Good Luck and Good DX to you...
    73 - Paul/W6VPS
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    When I was quite a bit younger I bought a Hammerlund receiver from a neighbor. I worked all summer to pay for it but that is beside the point of this story.

    I built a multi band fan dipole out of five conductor rotor cable.

    I installed it on the ceiling of my bedroom in a huge S shape.

    Sure I was not using it to transmit with but it did work very well for the receiver.

    Tho I wasn’t born with a amateur radio license in hand I have been interested in the hobby for a real long time, perhaps not as long as some of the other people on this board but what seems like a long time to me.

    From what I have garnered over the years is if you put up what you can and try it you will probably manage to make some contacts. In time you will try something else that may or may not work better, the thing is,… do something and get on the air, make the contacts you can. Hope for happiness and if you don’t find it try something else and hope again.

    That’s part of the fun of it all.

    Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.

    “The only difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” A. Einstein

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    Worked Hong Kong from here in Sydney, Australia the day before yesterday on 10M using a 1/2sized G5RV.

    They may be a compromise antenna but from confined spaces, they DO WORK.

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    Keep in mind it is a compromise antenna for all but 20 meters. I have a full size G5RV in an inverted V fashion up in a tree. It is about 50 feet up maybe more. The legs are too close together and it all has a slope to it as well. I only use it on 40 and 80. I have worked a lot of DX with it on both 40 and 80 but it is a struggle. You won't know how well it will work till you try it. I will likely change it to an inverted V for 80 when I get the chance.
    "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to receive."
    -Otto Watt Sept. 5 1925

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    Hello sir,

    I have a G5RV JR set up in a horizontal V at 45deg more or less angle here in Puerto Rico and it works great!!! I have a somewhat circular pattern as in a inverted V but favors in direction of V. I am in a hole here next to El Yunque national rainforest and get out alot. Paris, almost all of US Canada, South america caribbean and sometimes Australia. You might have a different experience than me but it does work.
    Enjoy and GL


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