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Thread: MFJ 259B Antenna Analyzer Help with traps

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    Wonder if anyone can help me with this. I want to make some antenna traps using my mfj 259B. But not sure how to used it as a grid dip meter. Has anyone done this?
    Or just the best way to used this analyzer to make trap.
    I'm just not understanding the manual.

    thanks much

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    I bought the grid dip kit with mine and it does work although not as well as my old Heathkit GDO does. Simply wind a coil of about 10 turns on a pill bottle and hot glue the windings. Remove the pill bottle and use an RCA plug (phono) to plug into the 259B. It requires a bit more coupling than a Grid dip meter but the SWR meter will dip when you hit resonance.
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    Keep in mind that every combination of capacitance and inductance will result in a resonant frequency ...... In series the result will be minimum resistance (reactance) .... in Parallel the result will be maximum resistance (X resonance)........
    I made My forty meter traps to be parallel resonant at 7.200 MHz
    73 Bill WJ5O/BCN 28.289 MHz

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