Homebrew products from China

AW05A+ HF+6m antenna analyzer


Frequency Ranges:2.5MHz—65MHz
Output Impedance:50 Ohms
Output amplitude: 2V-pp
SWR test range: 1-10
impedance test range:10-255 ohm
external power supply: 9.6-12V
inernal power supply:8×AA size battery
Current Consumption:below 160mA with lcd backlight on, below 130mA with lcd backlight off
Size: 157mm×97mm×48mm

field strength testable, measuring the eletromagnetic interference to the antenna
automatic scaning, any frequency range, gives the lowest swr point
specially designed for amateur radio
without complex meun system, very easy to use
Continuous frequency output range
PLL controlled vco with 1K resolution
SWR and Z (impeadance) value readable
cheap, only half price to Mfj series

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