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Thread: Homebrew Iambic paddle

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    I have been searching around for instructions on how to make a homebrew iambic paddle and i cant find any.

    Can anyone lead me to instructions on how to make my own iambic paddle? Or any Ideas from anyone?


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    Tyler -

    The Bulldog paddle is one of the easiest to build (2 buttons and a standard paper clamp)

    It is really a function of your skills in materials.

    73 de w9gb

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    When the iambic paddles first started becoming popular, a number of amateurs built them using two inexpensive straight keys mounted "back to back" on a vertical support. Worked fine.

    Glen, K9STH

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    Years ago I built a memory keyer for contest work. I don't care to send CW with a keyer (I use a "bug&quot but the darn memory function would only accept input from the keyer chip. I built a really decent paddle out of a piece of hacksaw blade with a poker chip for my fingers. I chose the hacksaw blade because it bends well, but always returns to it's original position unless you crimp it. Anchor it firmly in the rear, and use a couple of brass screws for contacts. Saved a bundle, and it inputs the memory fine.....Walt

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