Zinc Oscillator

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by N0WVA, Mar 18, 2008.

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    Nothing new...this goes back to the 1910 era.

    Actually before 1900 where inventors used 'crystal oscillators'.

    You probably never heard of a crysodyne receiver?

    "“Oscillating crystals are not new since they were investigated as far back as 1906 by well known engineers, but it was not until lately that a Russian engineer, Mr. O. V. Lossev, succeeded in finding some interesting uses for oscillating crystals. The construction of the apparatus by means of which oscillations may be produced with crystal as a generator seems quite simple”"


    "“A curious fact about the new Crystodyne Principle is that it operates exactly as an arc transmitter. While at present only the crystal zincite in connection with a steel point gives the real results, there is no question but that other combinations will be found that will work even better…... It will take many years for the Crystodyne Principle to be adopted in our radio sets. Three to five years may be necessary before that is brought about. "

    Losev was finally recognized for his pioneering work in inventing the LED back in 1927.

    The 'tunnel diode' Was re-invented in the 1960s by Esaki at Bell Labs which featured a negative resistance area - the same thing used in this experiemnt. . Esaki won the Nobel Prize for his work in 'tunneling in semi-conductors'.

    Check out 'crystadyne' and crystodyne and crystaladyne on the web......you'll see the old oscillators and using them as regenerative receivers.

    Unfortunately, they were extremely cantankerous and operated at microwatt levels.

    There's a tunnel diode oscillator circuit of the same complexity....about 5 parts - in the 1960s GE Experimenter Book.....puts out about 100 microwatts.....one crystal, one pot, one 1.5v bettery, one RF choke and one output cap to the 'antenna'.
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    Great idea but I don't zinc it will take off!:)

    73 VK6ZGO
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