Zero Five antenna

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by KB9K, Jan 17, 2017.

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  1. KB9K

    KB9K Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am looking into purchasing Zero5 vertical antenna, 43' version and since they dont have a demo I wanted to find out if anyone on the Nort side of Chicago, Niles, Park Ridge, Des Plaines, etc. have one so I can take a look at the setup and see how the antenna works.
    My address is OK in QRZ and my phone number is 773-507-2346.
    TNX and 73
  2. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don't have a Zero Five yet. The plan was to install a cheaper 43' vertical to see how it worked, and I bought the MFJ/HyGain version, then, eventually replace it with the nice looking Zero Five flagpole.

    Like all verticals, it radiates equally poorly in all directions, but honestly, I think it works as well as any vertical I've ever used, and I've used a lot of them, including the HyGain Hytower. You must have an adequate number of ground radials - it will not work worth a hoot without them. I have 20 on mine, and it could use more. My radials are of different lengths. 10 of mine are 43', which is what the manufacturer recommends. But I also have some that are longer than that, and a few that are 25 and 12 feet long.

    The antenna with the supplied 4:1 unun has an SWR of about 3:1 on all bands from 60 meters up. On 80, the SWR is closer to 5:1, and it's higher than that on 160. With a wide range tuner, it will work fine. My older IC-746 matches it fine on 80, but my newer rigs won't. Looking at some reference material, a 43 foot radiator should present an SWR of less than 2:1 on all bands from 80 meters and up using a 9:1 balun. I think when the ground thaws, I am going to test that theory with my vertical.

    You can also buy or build a remote base loading coil to resonate the antenna on 80 and 160 to avoid the coax losses due to high SWR. However, on 80, at least, using low loss coax like LMR400DB, the resulting loss is negligible.
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  3. N6PAT

    N6PAT Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Forget the 43' antenna and get yourself a Hustler 6BTV. It works great and is very easy to handle.
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  4. KB9UWU

    KB9UWU Ham Member QRZ Page

    and it's resonant on more than one band!
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  5. WA7DU

    WA7DU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oft repeated reviews by happy users of the Hustler verticals would support the advice of the N6 above. Do as he suggests, and worry no more about which antenna to buy.

    Are two antennas twice as good as one antenna? I don't know the answer to that question, but a vertical for most HF bands and a wire dipole flying high in your backyard would give you the antenna equivalent of a double barreled shotgun.

    Buy and install the Hustler. Then, turn your eyes skyward to find space for the dipole. There will be times when a horizontal wire will outperform a vertical, especially with regard to noise.
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  6. N8KC

    N8KC Ham Member QRZ Page

    ...Been a Hustler 6BTV user for over 25 years. Very durable, reliable, and not all that much of an eyesore, even when roof-mounted like mine. Mine's withstood 60+ mph wind (no guys) and has needed only minimal cleaning and maintenance over the 25 years it's been up (in 2 locations, on two different roofs). I've also had several wire HF antennas.. dipoles, random long-wire, & loop.. over the years they've all come down due to weather at one time or another.. the Hustler, never. WA7DU is steering you right!
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  7. N0YPD

    N0YPD Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    If you go with the 43 foot from Zero5 which is what I have,just make sure you have lots of radials,and use a remote auto tuner at the base of your vertical. Not sure if is the same or better than the hustler,but you will have much more versatility with zero5,and auto tuner. Mine has been up for 3 years and 70+ MPh winds with no troubles. It outperformed my delta loop on 40 meters. Hope this helps.
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  8. K7WFM

    K7WFM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have a 6BTV and compared to my 43ft DXE with the 4:1 unun at the base it pales in comparison. Both are ground mounted with 32 radials.
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  9. KB9K

    KB9K Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you all for the quick report and suggestions. I appreciate your time and effort helping me. The ball, (antenna) is in my court now and I will decide pretty soon which way to go. Again TNX and 73
  10. KB9K

    KB9K Ham Member QRZ Page

    You have mentioned it that your antenna was roof mounted. No radials? Please give me more info and if you have photos.
    Thank you,

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