Your thread Yaesu DMU 2000 was deleted. Reason: WTB items over $250 are prohibited by QRZ rule

Discussion in 'Swapmeet Talk' started by K2SDS, Nov 8, 2018.

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  1. N2SUB

    N2SUB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I quote people at random. Your calling came up. :)

    I just plain screwed up on that one.
  2. N1UXA

    N1UXA Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have posted numerous want ads here, and never once have I been offered an item for a price I couldn't refuse, (attempted scam).
    But, then again, I do not post my email address or phone number in the ad. I simply state, "I am good here on QRZ".

    So, in order to respond, one must be a QRZ member to see my email or leave me a PM. Then one must have enough QRZ experience to know what, "I am good on QRZ" means. After that I have enough common sense to check out everyone I buy from and rarely pay with anything else than PayPal. Ham to Ham References are a valuable source of information. Before I buy or sell to anyone I do a search of their call sign from the main "online swapmeet" page. This gives me all the QRZ info on them including swapmeet posts, (buy or sell), ham to ham references and more.

    If more people would do this, or at least some of it, we would not have this scammer problem. After being rejected or ignored or deleted, time after time, scammers would eventually get the message and leave us alone.

    In summary, I do not believe that eliminating WTB or limiting the amount someone wants to spend, is the answer.
    The answer is EDUCATION! Post the above information as suggested guidelines on how to buy or sell.

    Perhaps QRZ should have a checkbox on every listing, (buy or sell), that states, "I have read and accepted the QRZ rules and regulations for swapmeet postings".
    This would clearly remove any blame or responsibility from QRZ and place it squarely on the lister.

    Just my two, (or maybe five), cents worth! ;)
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  3. AJ4GQ

    AJ4GQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, you got your wish. See the new Posting Rules.
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  4. K2SDS

    K2SDS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Wow!! Thank you QRZ!!!! A great site just got even better!!
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  5. N1UXA

    N1UXA Ham Member QRZ Page

    QRZ was and still is my favorite and go to ham radio website.
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