Your opinion on station upgrade

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by kc6unm, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. WB2WIK

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    My take: Antennas are far more important than station equipment, and I put far more into them than into "shack gear." Always have, and it pays off.

    I see you have antenna restrictions (based on bio) and that's a problem.

    My first thought about upgrading the ham station: "Move."

    Go for no antenna restrictions, and then everything will work well -- and better -- and it won't matter much what the rigs are. A 40 year-old rig into a great antenna system works the world easily. A brand new $10K rig into lousy antennas does not.

    If moving is out of the question, you might consider investing in some cool mobile/portable stuff you can take on the road or to parks, hilltops, lakesides, etc and really get out well. If that's possible, I'd invest in that.

  2. kc6unm

    kc6unm QRZ Member QRZ Page

    Yes. Upgrading the license. Code will be done in 2 weeks (about 80% copy on the G4FON program...L,F & J giving me problems as well as a couple prosigns but I'll get em) and I'll ace the General.
    I wish moving was that easy. But I gotta tell you. The challenge of getting some good operating in with the restrictions i'm under is actually kind of stimulating to me. As far as the restrictions go, I'm in a little better situation than a lot of people. My house has nothing behind it and is heavily treed (several very tall) so the plan is for an 80 meter dipole fed with ladder line into a tuner that the neighbors will never see. I think I can get the feedpoint to 40 feet. Also, where my chimney is located, it is encircled by trees and if I can find a spray paint that will work to camaflouge a vhf/uhf vertical, it is going up right in that circle where it also can not be seen from the street. I've tried it already and you can just see the white peeking through. With the right color it would go unnoticed.
    So I've got some options for normal operation and I'm planning on saving the attic for some eggbeaters or loops or slingshots and there is even a very high open spot (tall peaked roof) in the attic where a 3 element 2 meter quad would actually turn.
    I like the challenge.

    Thanks again for all the great responses. Keep em coming!!

    ps: when band was open 2-3 weeks ago on 10 meters, I listened to the whole country and south america on a folded dipole made out of twin lead and fed with twin lead to my tuner and a 10 meter radio I had laying around strung up in a long open space above my garage which is several feet lower than the main part of the house. Unfortunately, all SSB since I set it up to listen for code while I was studying.
    I've got a feeling I'll get out OK
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