Your NCS Horror Stories...

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by W3DUB, Apr 9, 2004.

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  1. W3DUB

    W3DUB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I thought this would be an interesting thread for all those Net Control Stations... how about sharing some of your "horror stories".. those nets that either just didn't go well.. or were a disaster altogether.

    I'll start off.. I remember the second time I acted as net control station. It was for my local VHF/UHF linked Skywarn Net. I had just done my first net (which was a bit of a rough start but I finally got over the butterflies towards the end) and felt like the hotshot.

    Well, the NCS didn't show up.. and our net mgr puts the call out.. I answer and say, me me lol...

    Well... we had a BAD problem with noise on the system then.. plus everybody and their mother decided to check in.

    I must have asked at least 10 people or more to repeat their callsigns... and my hand hurt after that net.. some 50+ checkins lol. Plus I kept screwing up the county order haha.. ohh man.. it was bad.

    By the end of the net I had broken out in a cold sweat.

    A lesson to those new NCS's.. don't go in over your head. HI HI

  2. KA9VQF

    KA9VQF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Shortly after I upgraded to tech plus I was waiting for our local repeater net. It starts at 8 pm on Sunday nights. By 8:10 the net controller hadn’t started things and I got a phone call from him asking me to do the net because he was stuck in traffic near Chicago. He called me because mine was the only phone number he could remember off the top of his head.
    I assured him I’d handle it. I put a fresh sheet of paper on my clipboard and confidently keyed the mike and told the congregation that Bob was delayed and I was going to be net control tonight. I was surprised how many people decided to check in that night. No one seemed to be patient and everyone wanted to be first.
    I was writing as fast as I could but it wasn’t fast enough. I had to have everyone tell me their QTH as I recognized their calls and let them say their bit. I had over 40 call ins that night compared to the usual ten or so we usually had. I too was in a sweat afterward.
    I now have a sheet saved in the computer that has the regular check ins and club members on it and their QTH’s already as well. All you have to do is put a check mark by their call when they check in. I have made a copy and sent it to our new regular net control.
    I have decided I really don’t want the job.
  3. KD5KUF

    KD5KUF Guest

    We hold a Saturday Night Net on 146.55 simplex, here in NE Oklahoma. We use multiple net controls in rotation, during the net, to cover a large area.

    When EchoLink caught on in our area, we had two stations that tried to bring the link to our net. With the delays, packet losses and IDs blaring on top of everyone, and other assorted mayhem and confusion, we made it clear that on future nets, no more than one echolink station was to be on board at a time.

    It is nice to get check ins from all over the world, but that night was total chaos. The headache I had that night was S9 plus 60db!

    On the other hand, the best net was last year during a tremendous band opening. We had check ins from as far as S. Dakota and all points in between. Even mobile stations in Des Moines, Iowa were getting in on the fun, for a total of 62 check ins. Felt more like a contest than a net but was enjoyed by all.

    73, de KD5KUF Joe
    NE Oklahoma
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