Your Best or Worst Investment?

Discussion in 'Becoming a Ham - Q&A' started by W0VYE, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. K7NNO

    K7NNO Moderator QRZ Page

    Worst: Icom 745Pro.

    Best: Toss up between my K2 and my Drake 2B/2BQ.
  2. KI6ZIF

    KI6ZIF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Best Investment: The $14 test, and my $400 TS-450s.

    Worst Investment: My House witha a lame ass CC&R.
  3. N0IU

    N0IU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Best: Bencher Mercury paddles

    Worst: Isotron 80 meter "antenna"
  4. NI3S

    NI3S Ham Member QRZ Page

    Worst: Radio Shack connectors - when will I learn they are to crappy to try and make work

    Best - Books, favorites are the W1FB series, by the late Doug DeMaw. His style or writing and my style of learning work well.

    What I should have done is bought "Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur" when it was available. If any of you have a copy you'll let me buy, read, rent, borrow, please help me out.
  5. KB5PN

    KB5PN Ham Member QRZ Page

    LTS, if you aren't already familiar with them, try the Bill Orr books. I've always found them really easy to follow and understand... goes for his handbooks and antenna books as well.
  6. K8CPA

    K8CPA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Best: My Kenwood TS-950SDX. Bought it used back in 2000 for $1500, that was when they were going for $2500 used. Got 5 good years out of it. :D Needs repair now however... :( I'll get 'er fixed, sooner or later. :rolleyes:

    Worst: Ham: Van Gorden Engineering Shorty All-Bander Dipole. Biggest P.O.S. antenna ever made! :mad::rolleyes::eek:

    Non-Ham: I actually traded a RCI-2950 (old version) for a Tram-D201A. Talk about DUMB! :eek: :rolleyes:
  7. WA7PRC

    WA7PRC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't really have any worsts. OK, maybe my Heathkit SB-102 qualifies... no noise blanker, and the receiver (despite aligning it with the best tubes I could find) just wasn't all that good on the higher bands.

    I've had LOTS of bests... antennas, rigs, test equipment, etc. My latest best is my current rig, a Kenwood TS850SAT w/ extra IF filters. Wotta hot rig! :D

    Bryan WA7PRC

    "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.
    Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."

    - Groucho Marx
  8. KJ4RZZ

    KJ4RZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Easy, even as a new ham, the worst was a 2 Meter hand held transceiver.

    The best (so far) was a Kent Single Paddle Key, and of course my HF transceiver.
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