You don't see antennas like this anymore!

Discussion in 'VHF/UHF - 50Mhz and Beyond' started by W8BCR, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. K7XD

    K7XD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Are the KB6KQ loops still popular with rovers?
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  2. W8BCR

    W8BCR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Dad had a Clegg 66er at home in the garage for years with a halo on the roof. I was the first to move away from home, and I have no idea what happened to the radio. Unfortunately, I didn't get into amateur radio until after his death, and I know he would have loved to operate my radios.
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  3. N0NB

    N0NB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not sure, but those loops are now sold by
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  4. WA8UEG

    WA8UEG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    You guys are making me feel very old, I remember when they were popular and I had one on my 1948 jeep (1st car I owned bought from an add in popular mechanics and had to put it together). Used a converted Motorola radio to talk with locals around town when I was out and about.
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  5. KC0BIN

    KC0BIN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Classic antenna! The Merc is pretty cool, too!

    It was the 6m band and radios - or rather the "cool-looking" tactical military versions thereof - that got me into Ham radio to begin Love with the Band ever since.

    As fate would have it, a couple of years before I got my ticket was when Ken Neubeck WB2AMU published his book "Six Meters a Guide to the Magic Band" Everything in that book I absorbed by osmosis.....including Ken's drool cartoons o_O

    Many classic halos and squalos and whatnot depicted and described in the book; I believe the original pic of the halo on the Merc was a "Saturn 6" Mobileer manufactured by Hi-Par Products Company of Fitchburg, Mass.
  6. K3RW

    K3RW Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I was in the market for this one exactly, until I found out shipping was actually more than the antenna! :confused:
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  7. W8NDB

    W8NDB Subscriber QRZ Page

    Carl K8DKO was indeed a talented, gentleman ham. He touted himself as the 'worlds oldest technician'. He had built a 5 foot copy of the Eiffel Tower in his basement. He was an expert working with metal.
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  8. KC0BIN

    KC0BIN Ham Member QRZ Page

    That gives me a Mad Scientist idea.........anybody think there would be a market for 6m helicals?

    I mean, it's just a simple matter of frequency scaling, right? :)
  9. VE7PJR

    VE7PJR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was noodling with the slipstick the other day and thinking about a 6-metre QFH. She'd be one Long Tall Sally but it would have an essentially spherical pattern. Better than the cloud-warmer I have at the moment...

    (...and yes, a K&E Log-Log Duplex Decitrig. I also have a Curta.)
  10. N3DT

    N3DT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Old times? I remember in the 60's and the 59 Chevy's that had that flat rear fender area in the rear. There was a guy that had one of those 6M Heath Lunch boxes and the halo on his 59 Chevy and could work Chicago on on 6M at lunch time, AM too. Why don't we have propagation like that any more?

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