yeasu 891

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by KD7BBO, Mar 2, 2017.

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  1. KD7BBO

    KD7BBO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I know it's still new but I'd like to know if anyone has anything bad or good to say about this little rig .
  2. KE8APO

    KE8APO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I purchased one a few months back when I got my general license. Since it is my first HF transceiver, I really can't compare it to anything else. I was thinking about getting the FT-857 instead, but one of my club members suggested against that one because of the hard to find narrow band hardware filters that would need to be added. The FT-891 has them built in. i am mainly doing PSK-31 and shortwave listening right now. The menus are a little cumbersome, but there is finally software support from RT systems and DXLABSUITE. I use FLDIGI but had to modify the FT-991 rigcat file to work with the FT-891. Overall I am very satisfied with the transceiver. Hope this helps.
  3. N2PQW

    N2PQW Ham Member QRZ Page

  4. KD7BBO

    KD7BBO Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. W8BYH

    W8BYH XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've owned one, and the accompanying FC-50 tuner, for several months now and have it on the air two or three times a week.

    For the money (and the price/performance ratio is an important thing to keep in mind here) the radio is a good deal. Remember, it comes in at a retail price about $150 below the still manufactured FT-857. What the FT-891 lacks in comparison to the FT-857 is UHF/VHF capability. What you gain over the FT-857 is true DSP, much better filtering, CAT control and programming via USB, a larger screen and really well done digital noise reduction, more memories and a well implemented band sweep function.

    The FT-891 also exhibits current draw that is below Yaesu's published standards. While not great as compared to an FT-817 or a KX-2, it's not too bad; about 1.3 amps on receive running the internal speaker and about 20 amps on full power transmit. I run mine most of the time off of a 33 amp hour golf cart battery.

    However, Yaesu made one big mistake - no integrated sound card interface for digital. This means you'll need to rely on an external interface like the Signalink. I feel this is a decision Yaesu made simply to meet a price point. Early pre-release literature on the 891 apparently made mention of a sound card interface, but the capability never made it into production. Had Yaesu incorporated a sound card interface, even if it added $25 or so to the retail price point, I don't think as many folks would be griping about the 'missing' UHF/VHF capability. I can understand leaving out UHF/VHF, but in this day and age I simply can't understand leaving out a sound card interface.

    I also feel that the firmware is still immature. My radio very easily locks up when trying to configure it for digital modes. It locks up so bad that I have to do a full factory firmware re-set to get it working again. This is likely a software issue. The good news is that upgrading the firmware is a very simple task. Not sure it can even be done on an FT-857.

    The signal reports I get indicate the transmit audio is very good. Selectivity and sensitivity seem very good, although I have no way of testing.

    In all I'd say this is a very good radio for voice comms, but digital seems iffy. Some folks say they are running their 891 strictly in digital mode, so it can be done. Just not by me (so far).

    Overall it's a good radio for the money.

  6. SV0SGS

    SV0SGS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have not yet gotten my FT-891 to work properly with FLRIG and FLDIGI. I have the most recent versions installed on a laptop running Windows 7 Pro. If you use these programs I would be grateful for you assistance getting both these programs configured to work. I also use them with my Icom IC 7200, which is MUCH simpler to configure for digital modes AND has a built-in soundcard. Only one USB cable necessary. Thanks in advance. David
  7. OG6Z

    OG6Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi i don't know if this will help you but anyway. OH8STN has a video on youtube about ft-891 data configuration.
    You'll find it from youtube with keywords yaesu ft-891 FT8 WSJT-X Data & Cat configuration
    I Hope this will help you de OG6Z Marko
  8. OG6Z

    OG6Z Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Check my post below your post. I think it helps you with your ft-891
  9. SV0SGS

    SV0SGS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I used Julian's instructions and am now qrv on digital modes.

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