Yaesu's Newest Transceiver The FTdx3000

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by W4CLM, May 19, 2012.

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  1. N2RRA

    N2RRA Ham Member QRZ Page


    It's just humorous how YAESU and Kenwood fans called the ICOM's fish finders and ridiculed them. Now YAESU and Kenwood is following suit and it's now the best thing since sliced bread. Gotta take all this from where it's coming from. LOL!
  2. N9ZP

    N9ZP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Really? All flex radios operate on 13.8 VDC and will run with a lap top. Sounds portable to me.
  3. N2RRA

    N2RRA Ham Member QRZ Page


    He maybe trying to say is "it is not as portable as your traditional radio", and it's not I agree.

    * Running on battery back up your consuming a lot more battery life.
    * You have more hook up time running additional cables than needed.
    * Most importantly is if your laptop is infected with a virus, runs slow ,or most importantly no longer works your screwed.

    * No working laptop, or P.C. "No Flex"!

  4. W7ARX

    W7ARX Guest


    For me, anyone willing to shell out $5000 or more for a radio, can have at it....frankly, haven't seen any in the past 10 years that really jump up in performance that significantly or offer that wide of options/capabilities. They all can work the DX and most can handle themselves in a contest, some a bit better then others, but for the high price tag, I can live with slightly less contest capability. Did it for years and many years ago and still had contest achievements.

    All comes down to how much does it appeal to you and how much are you willing to cough up.....

    All about $$....and I suppose bragging rights....
  5. W7ARX

    W7ARX Guest

    The TS-850 has a cult following and for good reason. Look at the performance numbers and talk sometime to the tech guys at ARRL, as many have the 850 and won't part with them. Non DSP and a sharp, sharp receiver....

    Pan Adapter to me is eye candy. You look on the FT_3000 display and the scale increments. About all that scope is seeing is loud stations and noise...you won't see an S-2/3 signal, you will see the noise long before you see that "opening". FOund that out with the 756PRO3, 2000 with Band Scope, etc. They are pretty much useful for displaying radio parameters but pretty much useless displaying a "real opening" where signals are not that strong. Never did understand the hype for a spectrum scope....

    Can get that with a pan adapter and IF Stage S/W on a much, much larger display and much more features....

    I think the 3000 will be a step up (possibly) from the 950 and more than the 450...but not a top of the line radio....
  6. KC2SIZ

    KC2SIZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'll be amazed if this rig comes in anywhere near the FT-950's price point.
  7. KC8YHW

    KC8YHW Ham Member QRZ Page

    All of this talk about radios that most of us can not afford, find some kit radios, to build or roll your own. I have a lot of fun building kits, try it some of the kits out there will run circles around many commercial radios.
  8. W9CW

    W9CW Ham Member QRZ Page

    I owned a $$$ IC-7800, and after six months of comparing it to my other rigs... some new Kenwood, Ten-Tec, and Yaesu, I sold it. The band scope was nice, as was the 2nd independent receiver, but the overall dynamics of either either independent receiver in the IC-7800 were not up to par with either of the other new rigs - each of which was significantly less costly than the IC-7800.
  9. M6CBB

    M6CBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sure Not FCC approved is only an issue in the good old US of A so what about the rest of the world as this is an international site...
  10. VE7OR

    VE7OR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Garbage sorry but the Icom 756 pro series is a great radio not sure why you could say the 756 series is garbage many who own and used the 756 will agree a great rig and to compare a Yaesu to a Icom is not fair like to hear if anyone eles agrees to my comments or disagrees.
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