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  1. NC4TB

    NC4TB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just given a VX2R by the widow of a friend that went SK. Unit still has some of the local repeater frequencies in it, both 2m and 440, but does not have the pl tones. I have tried repeatedly to program them in using the instructions in the Yaesu manual, but the pl tones refuse to remain programmed. It will transmit and receive fine as long as I leave the radio on the channel that I just entered the pl in, but if I change [programmed] channels or turn the radio off, the pl tone is gone. Is the memory battery bad? I would think it wouldn't retain frequencies if the battery was bad. Or should I do a hard reset on the cpu per the manual instructions and start over? This may be why the radio was in his "left over" radio stuff storage area.
  2. K3TL

    K3TL Guest

    I think the radio is fine....the proper procedure for pl tones etc, is that you cannot add tones to a freq already stored in memory. In VFO mode, select frequency, offset, sql typ (menu 42), tn freq (menu 44), then write to memory. Your pl's will be stored correctly. Good Luck - if any problems feel free to contact (I have 3 of the vx2; very nice little radio) 73 Rick
  3. KE5MC

    KE5MC Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Is it not true that you can change and add pl tones if you write to the memory channel number you are having a problem with. As I recall my VX 6 and 8 allowed writes that way or to a new unused number.
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