Yaesu SCU-17 Support Thread

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by N4EGA, Nov 8, 2014.

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  1. PD0Q

    PD0Q Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well..after quite a lot of puzzling the nasty truth finally came out ...... the frigging USb cable itself!!! .no matter to what pc i connected none would load the drivers .. had already tried two different USB cables with no efforts.. just tried a third one today and as if if by magic the 210 USB to UART driver loads. So beware grabbing just any USB cable lying around.. as there are obviously different wired versions !!!! Sorry Mr. Yaesu grin
  2. K6CLS

    K6CLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    those may be "charging" cables, which only have GND and +5vDC connected, no + and - Data. Throw those away!
  3. IZ2RBR

    IZ2RBR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Buongiorno a tutti

    Ho un FT857 connesso con l'interfaccia SCU17 al software Ham Radio Deluxe. Sono un operatore telegrafico quindi utilizzo un pulsante verticale collegato alla radio. Normalmente in trasmissione ascolto il cw del sidetone attraverso le cuffie collegate all'uscita phone del pannello frontale. Vorrei VISUALIZZARE la mia manipolazione sul DM780 (decoder cw) ma quando trasmetto il waterwall NON visualizza e decodifica nulla a differenza di quando la radio riceve. Qualcuno sa come fare?

    Grazie Esau IZ2RBR
  4. K9KQX

    K9KQX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Just got one of these to replace Signalink USB that I was using on my FTDX-5000. After much trial and error I got it to work the way I like.
    First issue I have is I don't like PKT mode on Yeasu radios. I can't stand that they enable 2.4khz wide filter on receive when so many stations on digital go above that. So for years I've worked around that by using my signalink usb to key up the PTT through the Packet cable. Basically the signalink is acting as a VOX and keys up through that rear port. Whats nice about that is I can leave the rig in USB and not USB PKT, giving me the full 3k bandwidth to see.

    When i installed the SCU-17 I lost that ability and i figure out why, but how to work around it.

    First of lets explain how it works by default by using normal PTT via Cat control.
    On the FTDx5000 when using the enhanced com port generally your ham software does PTT via CAT, it'll pull the audio signal from the configured audio source in the following menu items AM(menu 52), Packet Data(menu 69), FM(menu 80), ,SSB(menu 103.

    To use the SCU17 like I did on the Signalink before, by transmitting digital modes in the normal USB mode(Not the USB PKT mode) so that darn 2.4khz BW filter wasn't engaged, I simply changed menu Item 103 from Front to Data. That seemed like a work around, but i still hated the fact that when i switch between phone operations and digital that I'd have to constantly go into this menu item and edit it. Also this would mess up my RCForbs remoteham software too as I'd have to keep going into this menu item to change it.

    What I didn't understand initially is that the Standard com port that gets installed with the SCU-17 could help me force the PTT signal on the Packet Data plug. By forcing a PTT signal on the packet plug, it overrides any PTT signal via CAT control and thus overrides any programming in the radio that force the audio source from the configure menu items list above.
    In my system COM7 is enhanced and COM8 is standard

    So what I did with WSJT-x is enable the enhanced com port for rig control but my PTT method was change to the standard com port and RTS was selected

    In HRD DM780 i set the PTT signal via serial to Standard COM Port and set RTS checkmark

    FLRig Control
    set Xcvr enhanced COM port
    set PTT to standard COM port and check off PTT via RTS

    upload_2020-11-19_22-24-10.png upload_2020-11-19_22-24-27.png
    I had some major problems passing the audio to the rig. My audio out in Windows showed activity when i would tune, but no modulation on the radio. Stumbled across one audio setting that fix the no transmit audio problem. I turned this Modem signal on left and right channels on

    in FLdigi just set to use FLrig as the rig control option, if your using Flrig( I am in this example since I think for Linux users this is important)

    And RCForbs Remoteham server settings , change PTT tab under radio configuration to PTT via com, choose standard com port and use RTS

    In the end when i want to play radio with digital modes, using these settings and an SCU-17 allows me to operate the radio in normal SSB USB, with full receive Bandwidth and not have to deal with the narrow 2.4khz bandwidth of USB Packet mode on a Yaesu FTDX5000. I don't have to mess with Menu settings in the radio either which makes life easier. maybe these settings will work for others.
  5. KC7MYN

    KC7MYN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

  6. KC7MYN

    KC7MYN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've been trying to get the SCU 17 to work with my FT 897 for two days. I've loaded the virtual com ports but when I attempt to connect the SCU to my computer I'm unable to find a connection thru HRD. Denies access to the two ports and the SCU is blinking red lights off and on. I've uninstalled the com ports and reinstalled but nothing changes. I got this mess to work once then everything froze up on the computer and I had to turn everything off. Also tried it on my laptop and again it worked once then everything stops working and I can't reconnect to HRD. Any suggestions?
  7. K9KQX

    K9KQX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thats a weird problem. What Operating system are you running? I did a quick search on google about missing com ports after reboot and oh my the complaints are never ending. I'm wondering if there is some other application taking control of the comm port after reboot thus making it unavailable for HRD. Someone mentioned that the Intel Rapid Storage Technology has been known to do that, not sure why it would though. I think if it was me, I'd update the Bios and any drivers from the PC manufacture for the system board, video, sound card etc and then try reinstalling the SCU-17 drivers. the SCU-17 drivers are really nothing more then run of the mill USB to serial port drivers. Many times ham radio manufactures use the same drivers across various models. When i plugged mine in, it found the scu-17. I suspect it was using the drivers left over from when i had my ftdx-3000 plugged into it via the usb cable.

    I don't think the fault is with the SCU-17 or its drivers, but something on the pc and laptop that is in common from a software perspective taking control of that comm port.

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