Yaesu (lack of) customer service

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by KS3I, May 20, 2019.

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  1. KS3I

    KS3I Ham Member QRZ Page

    Let me start out by saying that in the past that I have received good customer
    service from Yaesu, but it seems like it has gotten worse as time goes on and
    this last time the customer service person is playing games, trying to cost me
    more money and delaying the return of my radios.

    Right now I am having a problem getting my radios back. I was told that my
    radios would be shipped back on 16-May-2019, but the USPS tracking didn't show
    that they received the package. I called on 17-May-2019 and was given excuses
    as to why it didn't ship, but was told it would ship that day. The response was
    bogus, so I asked to talked to a supervisor, who it turns out was out. It seems
    like my complaint caused the customer service person to try to get back at me.
    Late Friday she sent email claiming that the radios wouldn't fit in the same
    size box as they arrived in and that the parts that I wanted wouldn't fit, so I
    would have to pay more for shipping. She didn't call and it seems that the
    timing was done to further delay the return of my radios. Today, 20-May-2019, I
    received email from the supervisor saying that he would investigate, but
    NOTHING in regards to when my radios would ship back.

    Long version:

    In Nov 2018 I sent in a radio that I bought broken. I sent the radio in using a
    USPS regional box, which the shipping is MUCH cheaper than even the flat rate
    service. I marked on the box and the letter to save the box for return
    shipping, but as it turns out they didn't. The radio was fixed at a reasonable
    price, but the firmware was not updated as usual. I sent an email to Yaesu, but
    it was ignored. I tried to update it myself, which I had done numerous times
    with other radios, but it didn't work with this radio for some unknown reason.

    I bought another radio and it turned out to have a problem, a common problem
    with filters on the FTM-350R, so I needed to send that in, so I could include
    the other radio as well.

    The first problem was that USPS tracking showed that the radio arrived, but I
    didn't receive the usual email message telling me that it arrived. A couple of
    days later I called and the person went to the warehouse and found the radios.
    She said that they didn't enter the radios into their system, so she did. She
    used the wrong received date, but that isn't a big deal.

    I received a call from a tech regarding the radio with the firmware issue. He
    was able to update it without a problem. He wanted to make sure that there
    wasn't an additional issue. This is the only good aspect this time.

    The other radio was repaired and it was at that point in time which I was
    informed that they didn't save the box. If the regional box wasn't used, then
    the return shipping would be quite a bit more. So the customer service person,
    a different person than the problem person, agreed to order (free) the boxes
    from USPS. I hadn't heard anything in over a week, so I called and they claimed
    that they received the boxes from USPS. They acted like they just received
    them, but I don't think so. I asked when it would ship as I was sending them a
    USPS label for shipping (cheaper then their generating the label and I had done
    this before). I was told it would ship that day, 16-May-2019. I wanted to make
    sure as the USPS wants to know the shipping date. That night, there wasn't an
    update to the tracking showing that the USPS received the package. I called and
    talked to the problem customer service person and got bogus excuses as to why
    it didn't ship. She said that it would ship that day (again), 17-May-2019. I
    asked to talk to a supervisor, who it turns out was out. It seems that upset
    her and she decided to get back at me. Late Friday afternoon, I received an
    email claiming that the two radios wouldn't fit in the same size box that it
    arrived in and that the parts that I wanted wouldn't fit and would have to be
    shipped separately. The problem is that the parts are quite small. I received
    photos showing that the radios wouldn't fit, but the photos shows the one radio
    on end, which is taller than the box, rather than flat, which fits quite well
    with enough space for packing material.

    Today, 20-May-2019, I received an email back from the supervisor saying that he
    would investigate the problem, but NOTHING in regards to when my radios are
    going to ship back. He doesn't answer his phone and no further email messages.
    The return of my radios has been delayed by a couple of weeks due to their
    problems and I have NO idea as to when they will ship back.

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  2. KP4SX

    KP4SX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Wait a few days.
  3. KG5THG

    KG5THG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    You should file a better business complaint against yaesu america. That will bring attention to their issues from outside the customer service department.
  4. N8FVJ

    N8FVJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Terrible to go that mess.
  5. K7GQ

    K7GQ Subscriber QRZ Page

    On the other hand, I am quite surprised that they agreed to use USPS and even accept your shipping label. That is very much outside their normal procedures, and I'm not shocked that it hasn't gone as smoothly as you wished. It seems that you've gone to great lengths to avoid paying a bit more for radios that you value. I wonder why you didn't drive to their service center (about an hour) and hand-deliver the radios?
  6. KS3I

    KS3I Ham Member QRZ Page

    They use USPS. For some reason they don't use the regional boxes, which can be much cheaper. I have done this in the past.

    I guess you are not aware of the cost of gas, cost of driving, nor something called traffic.
  7. KS3I

    KS3I Ham Member QRZ Page

    I did finally get my radios back. The manager was a pain and tried to get me to send him an email saying that I agreed to let them ship with NO packing material, which clearly is unacceptable. They use only paper to protect the items, which is bad. He ended up putting the regional box in a larger flat rate box and for some unknown reason the clerk at the post office accepted the label for the regional box.

    I also ordered parts, which I asked that he ensure that ALL the parts were included. He said that it was, but that turned out to be false.
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  8. AC7CW

    AC7CW Ham Member QRZ Page

    It was years back but I had a real mess with Yaesu customer service. I requested some tiny screws that cost $20/thousand. They wanted a lot of $ for half a dozen and i didn't want to buy a thousand and toss the leftover 994... that triggered some jerk there to start spamming my email inbox. I talked to sales instead and told them if they wanted more business they could all be polite and it stopped, the sales guy sent me a few screws, etc...
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