Yaesu GS-065 thrust bearing mounting plate source suggestion

Discussion in 'Antennas, Feedlines, Towers & Rotors' started by W6VMX, Mar 19, 2018.

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  1. W6VMX

    W6VMX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Went to Home Depot today and got my gray primer, silver, and Sky Blue paint. Just finished painting the brackets (two coats primer, two coats silver). Not perfect, but well coated. Will do the spreaders later as time permits........

    20180403_153304.jpg 20180403_153314.jpg
  2. K4ZA

    K4ZA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Understanding & appreciating aluminum alloys

    6061 simply refers to the specifics of the alloy, in this case meaning that magnesium & silicon were added.
    The T refers to the tempering (heat treating) used.
    6061-T6 is the 2nd most popular alloy & certainly one of the most versatile. It was developed in the mid-30s &
    was a huge contributing factor to our winning WW-II.
    Don K4ZA Tower Works Charlotte NC
  3. W6VMX

    W6VMX Ham Member QRZ Page


    Thanks for the info. I think that for the intended use, 6061 T6 should do the trick. Will be mounting the plate this weekend, and then can proceed (seemingly at a snails pace) with the mast installation. Have decided to pour concrete mix to insure that the ground mounted part of the mast has less tendency to twist under torque of the rotor. Deciding how best to join 2" EMT together so that I have a continuous length from rotor to antenna. Hoping to end up around 25' AGL total height to mounting hub of antenna. More to come :).......
  4. W6VMX

    W6VMX Ham Member QRZ Page

    While doing some hunting on the Zed, located a thread from 2014 regarding joining two conduit masts together. It mentioned the Penninger Radio MC-200-12 clamp (upgraded version of the shorter design) described as follows:

    Penninger Radio MC-200-12 Mast Clamp for 2" Tubing. 12" Extended Length for use in horizontal boom applications or for masts with rotors or heavy antenna arrays. Mast Clamps splice two lengths of mast tubing resulting in a stronger longer tube. Made from extruded 6061 aluminum and delivered fully assembled with stainless steel hardware. Available in 1 3/4" OD, 2" OD and 2 1/2" OD sizes. (smaller diameter tubes can be spliced with split bushings) Penninger Radio is an American manufacturer of portable masts and permanent pole towers for erecting antennas, lighting, solar panels, wind turbines and surveillance cameras. In business since 2003 and located in West Chicago, Illinois, USA, Penninger portable products are designed for quick deployment of elevated emergency equipment in the field and emergency preparedness. All products are precision machined and fabricated and are 6061 grade aircraft aluminum products with stainless steel fittings. Made in USA! Items are often custom made at time of order. Please allow 14 business days for shipment or contact us if time constrained.

    Current price is $53.95 with free shipping. One on order for me right now.......

  5. K6CLS

    K6CLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    you aren't really going to use EMT!?!??? it's not tubing, it's welded seam rolled flashing. not structural at all. sheesh.
  6. W6VMX

    W6VMX Ham Member QRZ Page

    EMT is Electrical Metallic Tubing. That is its name. That is what it is. Tubing.........

    You bet I am using 2" EMT. Two sticks of 10' each to be spliced with the above mentioned MC-200-12 mast clamp. I would not go too much higher without guying, but have used EMT with NO issues for YEARS, and this includes over 40 years as a Journeyman Wireman at many various job sites including San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. 2" EMT is very resistant to bending, you need to use a hydraulic bender to do it, and it has withstood 60+ mph winds here in the Las Vegas valley area quite nicely, and at other sites I have used it in the past for antenna mast installations. For modest heights such as I am planning I have full faith in my past experience with it. If I was going up any higher, I would indeed consider using something more substantial than EMT, most likely a Rohn tower of modest size. But, going much higher would also begin to put my installation in jeopardy of the high tension power lines just 80 feet back from my antenna location. Staying below their lowest level and far enough away so that under no circumstances could a mast failure bring anything near a contact with these lines is important. My current MFJ-1835 Cobweb antenna is atop a three stick mast consisting of 2", 1-1/2", and 1-1/4" EMT with a 1' overlap joint at each junction point, and a 1/4" carriage bolt holding them together (See below photo). Have had only one problem with it to date, a plastic trash bag got caught in the center post of the antenna that required us to remove one carriage bolt, and drop that section of mast down into the others so as to lower the antenna to a workable height allowing for the removal of the plastic bag. That antenna has withstood heavy winds since its installation, and provided great service too. But I do thank you for your concern Cliff, and will be happy to keep you and others informed of this installations success, or failure, as time goes by........

    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  7. W6VMX

    W6VMX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Things have slowed down on my Hex installation. Still waiting on my MC-200-12 Mast Clamp to be shipped. Waiting for that so mast can be assembled. Then can mount lower mast, and rotor below TB clamp location. THEN can begin to contemplate assembling the Hex Beam. Total length of coax is just under 50', and am contemplating using LMR-400. Have ferrite bead kit from Leo ready to go. More photos to follow as project progresses. This week we also had a significant wind event in Las Vegas. Gusts to 60+ mph. No damage to current Cobweb antenna or to my G5RV and CCTV mast.......
  8. W6VMX

    W6VMX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Finally received my MC-200-12 Mast Clamp from Penninger Radio. Looks GREAT!!! Hope to do some work on the new install this weekend if possible. Made a couple of decisions and changes to the planned install. Moving location from front of house to side of house, above a covered patio area. I already have a roof mounted tripod there for my CCTV PTZ camera and G5RV. Will replace that with the Hex and install the PTZ at another location. I also plan on moving my shack to a spare bedroom that will allow me to set things up with the new antenna and stuff in mind. Below is a photo of the new Mast Clamp, and side of house with PTZ mast in sight. More to follow........

    DSC00143.JPG DSC00059.JPG
  9. W6VMX

    W6VMX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Finally had a chance to do some more on the Hex Beam installation project. Bubba and Redbeard helped to remove the G5RV and PTZ from their existing mast. Then they cut down pipe and installed it into the tripod. Next they mounted the G450a rotor to it. After cutting down a length of 2" EMT, they mounted it through the thrust bearing they had placed on the facial at the roof line. It all lined up nicely, and is level in all directions. We are now ready to assemble the Hex Beam, place it onto the final length of mast, run coax and rotor cable, and hook it all up for testing. Things are going slow as temps have been over 100 degrees (and hotter on roof). Will post more as project progresses. ;)

    3.jpg 4.jpg 6.jpg 9.jpg 13.jpg IMG_31251.jpg
  10. W6VMX

    W6VMX Ham Member QRZ Page


    FINALLY, the Hex is in the air (and on it too). Bubba (Sabastian), Redbeard (Eric), and Bonecrusher (Brian) came over, and helped build the KIO Hex Beam. Then, completed the installation onto the roof, aligned the antenna, and I did testing and rotor adjustment. All works GREAT. Low SWR's on all tested bands, and rotor is actually pointed in the correct direction too. Hex went together nicely. No major issues with it (what a nice package, thanks Leo). Here are some photos of the build and installation. Hex is right at 30' AGL.........

    07.jpg 18.jpg 22.jpg 25.jpg 27.jpg 28.jpg 30.jpg 32.jpg 33.jpg 34.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2018

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