Yaesu FT DX5000MP

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by RK3TD, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. W0GI

    W0GI Ham Member QRZ Page

    That is an excellent point, and the Mark-V has the same 32V PS problem. I still have the Ten-Tec Corsair for just that situation. As a matter of fact, the Corsair is a better CW rig then the Mark-V. It's only problem is the local AM broadcast station tearing it up on 80m and 40m.

    As a matter of fact, if I fixed the BC problem, added an Inrad 250hz filter, and did some tweaking to the Corsair, it would be one hell of a CW machine, for minimal additional money. :)

    Old classics are a problem for all the radio companies. A TS-850 with a 270Hz filter in the 8.83mhz IF and a 250mHz filter in the 455kHz IF is one hell of a CW machine. I would bet that in 99% of operations, a K3 wouldn't show any advantage. But the TS-850 sure will sound better, most of the time. :)

    I'm glad I am short on money, as it makes me think. I may just sell the Corsair, and find an Omni VI, put in narrow CW filters, save some money and get plenty of CW performance.

    The fact is, I'm cheap. :D
  2. N4WSH

    N4WSH Ham Member QRZ Page

    If, and that is a Big IF this the price then I will be passing on this radio and either keeping my FT-1000MP, or maybe going with an FT-2000, so I can go with the DMU. What I don't like about the FT-5000 is the small VFO-B screen that is sort of mashed down into the lower mid-right side of the radio. I would rather have seen that on the main display screen.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2010
  3. W0GI

    W0GI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Looking at Bob Sherwood's numbers, the FT-1000MP may have a better receiver then the FT-2000. That is what drives me crazy about all these new JA rigs. All about bells, whistles, and HDTV LCDs, but little about performance.

    The FT-DX5000 looks like a great performer, but seven to eight thousand dollars? :eek:

    I am personaly looking for better close-in blocking for CW then the Mark-V can deliver. Other then that, the Mark-V is great.

    After doing some research on the Omni-VI+, it seems the addition of an INRAD 600Hz roofing filter between the RF amp and first IF, will take the 2Khz spaced third order IMD dynamic range from 79db to 94db, and 20khz spacing to 97.5db.

    The K3 is at 101db(2Khz) and 104db(20khz). The K3 is king for close-in blocking, but the Omni-VI+ numbers with the 600hz roofing filter, are right up there with the Flex-5000a and Orion-II. It would take a very strong and close-in signal to notice a difference between any of them.

    Pretty impressive for a 90's radio.

    Now I know why the Omni VI+ gets top dollar. :)

    But it may just be the ticket for my hardcore CW receiver.

    I would like a K3, and if I had $2000 laying around, I would order it tomorrow, but I can probably find an Omni-VI+ and with the addition of a roofing filter and two 250hz filters in cascade spend $1200, and have a top end CW rig. Not quite the K3 but close enough.

    I am so cheap. :D
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2010
  4. N4WSH

    N4WSH Ham Member QRZ Page

    You're not cheap, you're frugal. :) I agree with the bells & whistles when it comes to some of these rigs, but I'm one of those gEEks that loves that kind of stuff on my radios. A friend of mine told me to keep my 1000MP and sit tight on the FT-5000 when it is released because Yaesu has a history of issues with their new radios when they first come out an a firmware or two update later they work the bugs out. So at this stage of the game I'm not sure what I'm going to do, and the good news is I don't have to make a decision right now since 5000 isn't even available.
  5. W0GI

    W0GI Ham Member QRZ Page

    That is the other issue. Not only firmware, but hardware problems in early units.

    As good as the Mark-V is when it works, the Eham rating isn't very good due to the early buyers that had a lot of problems.

    I bought my Mark-V used after it was out for two years for $1700.00. It was a steal, and I have not had a single problem other then the occasional delay with the display lighting up. Since that has only happened three times, I haven't worried about it.

    One thing for sure, is that the FT-DX5000 will probably block close-in signals a lot better then your MP and my Mark-V, but will you or I ever notice other then .1% of the time. :)
  6. M0JMO

    M0JMO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi W0GI

    I realise I'm a bit off topic in this thread, but I just found the 2KHz IP3 figures for my SDR and thought you might be interested:

    Band 	MDS 	IP3 	DR-IMD 	Note:
    MHz 	dBm 	dBm 	dB
    0,136 -	120 	8 	85 		Dynamic Range is lower in bands <  1 MHz.
    0,567 -	120 	10 	87
    1,000 -	120 	15 	90
    1,850 -	121 	20 	94
    3,650 -	123 	23 	97
    7,050 -	123 	24 	98
    10,130 -121 	24 	97
    14,150 -126 	26 	101
    18,100 -125 	24 	99
    21,200 -124 	20 	98
    24,900 -123 	10 	89 		Sudden fall in IP3 caused by
    28,500 -125 	5 	87 		the filter input..
    50,100 -124 	15 	92
    (From this document - in Italian - http://www.iw3aut.altervista.org/files/PMSDR_prove.pdf )

    Sherwood quotes my IC-7000 as having the following:

    Dynamic Range Narrow Spaced: 2KHz -- 63

    Looks like it's a bit better, but not up there with the best :)

    What do you think?

    Best Regards

    Last edited: Jan 13, 2010
  7. W0GI

    W0GI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Those numbers are excellent. While higher is better, even Sherwood admits that 80 DB is good enough 99.9% of the time. Those numbers are well above that.

    You should take some pictures, and do a little review on your setup. If that SDR receiver performs like that, the price is a true bargain.
  8. N4WSH

    N4WSH Ham Member QRZ Page

    You can read all about the FT-5000 as Yaesu has the owners manual available on their website in a downloadable .pdf file - I'm reading it now.
  9. N8MME

    N8MME XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Universal Radio now has the prices listed for the various versions of the 5000:

    FTDX5000 VIEW Optional ± 0.5 ppm Optional $7000.00 $5499.95
    FTDX5000D VIEW Included ± 0.5 ppm Optional $7300.00 $5749.95
    FTDX5000MP VIEW Included ± 0.05 ppm Included $8000.00 $6299.95
  10. AA4EE

    AA4EE Ham Member QRZ Page

    see qst and yaesu web sit- top model about $6,300
    bob, aa4ee
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