Yaesu FT-857D MARS mod ?

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio Systems' started by KJ6DXW, May 27, 2011.

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  1. W0LPQ

    W0LPQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    YOU may be licensed, but the radio is NOT legal ... period. Hope you can spare $11K for the first offense. Many people have said the radio is not certified for Air Band Transmit ... neither is the 706IIg or ANY other amateur radio ... but you already knew that .. Your money however.
  2. KJ6DXW

    KJ6DXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    So here's the deal. I didn't ask for lawyers, I asked if there's a mod available. Read my very first post. I asked for no flaming. That means I don't want to hear your opinions about whether or not mods are legal or whether my usage of a radio is legal. I guess I'm out of luck; sorry to have wasted everyone's time and energy. You guys really know how to make a fellow welcome.
  3. NN4RH

    NN4RH Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I didn't see anyone "flaming" you. They're just providing the facts, so that you're aware that what you're proposing to do is illegal and could result in fines and loss of both of your licenses. Besides this sort of thing gives our hobby a bad reputation.

    We are supposed to know the FCC regulations that apply to the services we use. Doesn't require being a "lawyer".

    If you're an "airport manager" then presumably you should be able to get the certificated communications equipment you need to do your job. If you want a ham radio, too, then get a ham radio, too. I don't see what the problem is having two radios.
  4. K0BG

    K0BG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Craig, you can chastise me all you want. I'm certainly not a virgin in that respect. But....

    Your profile says you are an aircraft sales manager, whatever that is. Nonetheless, you should know exactly what everyone here is telling you. To wit, what you propose is illegal, be damned if it can be done or not.

    The very fact that you're arguing with the multitude also speaks volumes! In all due respect, swallow your pride, and move on to a more productive discussion.
  5. ZL1UZM

    ZL1UZM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just a question for you: What is the 706mkIIg's spurious and harmonic frequencies suppression in the air band?
    Good on you if you can answer that. If not, you may be jumping head first into murky water.
    Transmitters have bandpass and low pass filters in them. Without knowing what frequency ranges they cover you are flying blind!
    If you are lucky, you may just blow up your final by transmitting into a filter. Need I go further?
  6. W0LPQ

    W0LPQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    6DXW is the license YOURS or is it the FBO where you work? Either way .... no one here as has been said .. is flaming you. Quite the contrary. You say you work in aircraft sales .. ok, but what does THAT have to do with what you state. Having been in avionics field service (retired) for over 25 years, and having flown out of many FBO's, I have yet to see any amateur radio gear in place. Some have the old Collins VHF-251's or VHF-20's. Some use King stuff, others use dedicated ground to air radios that are licenses for that use. You already know it is illegal. Yet you persist. Wonder if a call to the FBO at your location would suffice to stop this ridiculous spouting of "I don't need lawyers" etc.

    By the way .. the 706IIg may RECEIVE AM ok, but transmit is another matter. Same for any other amateur radio. This includes the 2M radios. They may receive aircraft AM ok .. but they sure don't transmit worth a darn. Plus, any filtering in the output will really hamper their use.
  7. KJ6DXW

    KJ6DXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    It's amazing all the fire ants I've stirred up with this question.
    All I asked was if there is a mod for an FT-857D that would make it possible to transmit in the aircraft band.
    It's a simple yes or no question.
    Apparently the answer is no.
    I'm a big boy. I know the rules. As I mentioned in my first post, I have a specific reason for wanting this. I never said I was going to go running around calling airplanes from my vehicle. I never said it had anything to do with selling airplanes. I never said I cared one bit about whether you think it'll ruin my radio or get me a fine from the FCC. I never asked for your opinion.

    I've been lurking this site for a couple years and I know that some of you have nothing better to do in your pathetic lives than to jump all over someone who wants to experiment with a project. I would encourage you to seek help.
  8. KJ6DXW

    KJ6DXW Ham Member QRZ Page

    MODS: Please close this thread.

    MODS: Please close this thread.
  9. W6GQ

    W6GQ Swap Meet Moderator Volunteer Moderator QRZ Page

    I did delete this at first because someone reported the post. I was thinking it was a how to modification thread. It does contain helpful information for future questions of a similar nature and can hopefully deter said modification.
  10. W0LPQ

    W0LPQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    My original response went into thin air when 6GQ deleted the thread.

    6DXW no one flamed you. No one is a lawyer, however that does not stop us from stating the legalities of such use of an amateur radio. You already know this, but you persist. No one mentioned having anything to do with calling airplanes, you did. No one mentioned having to do with sales (except someone said your bio listed aircraft sales) but you did. The main problem with mods to amateur radios for the aircraft band is that the band is AM. Almost all radios (be it VHF or HF) is they are not designed to do AM. Mods to open up a radio, especially VHF, is they have output filters ... and those filters do not cover the aircraft band for transmit or receive. Yes they do receive, but if you were to take a VHF radio and run a sensitivity test, you would find they are really down on the aircraft band, since they are not designed to do this. It is just a by product of having a computer chip to control the radio.

    You state you know the rules, then why even ask such a question.

    My guess is rules be damned ... I intend to do it anyway ... that is how your comments read.
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