Yaesu FT-767GX HF transceiver

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by Pushraft, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. Pushraft

    Pushraft Banned


    I am selling a used Yaesu FT-767GX HF transceiver for a neighbor/friend who no longer uses it. I dont know much about them but will be researching it over the next week or so. I am sure someone out there is knowledgable of this unit and its capabilies. I dont have any way to test all the bands it has but the owner tells me it works fine. There is plenty of info on this transceiver online so you can research it too. I will try to post some pictures when I get them. I just found out today the owner wants to sell it so I thought I would post this early in case someone was looking for one.

    I suppose I could take it to a shop that deals with these and have them do a complete diagnostic on it. That would also tell me what additional amateur bands (if any) it supports outside the built in HF 160 to 10 meter coverage.

    This is my first item for sale listing in this forum so I am not sure if potential buyers should send me a private message or just post a response to this ad. I will read up more on that too.

    You can ask questions but I may not be able to answer them all since I am not familiar with this transceiver. I will try though maybe I could ask someone else that might know.

    As I learn more about it I will follow up on this post.

    Thank you for looking and if you want this unit, make a reasonable offer and I will pass it along to the owner.
  2. KB1PRX

    KB1PRX Ham Member QRZ Page

    How Much Does He Want For It? Thank You
  3. Pushraft

    Pushraft Banned

    Yaesu FT-767GX

    Hello all,
    My neighbor/friend who I am selling this all mode transceiver for does not have a set price. I have been researching them on Ebay and they are selling for close to $700 for a pristine unit without the expansion modules for 6m, 2m, and 70cm. Each of those expansion modules seems to increase the cost/value by about $100 up to about $1000 for a full loaded pristine unit.
    Not knowing yet what modules he has and judging from the 7 out of 10 condition at best, I would estimate about $500 + shipping for the basic unit and maybe $75 additional for each of the 3 possible amateur band modules he already has installed. If those are present but the buyer doesn't want them, I can probably have them removed and sell them separately.
    I'll try to get some pictures soon and post them. Thanks for looking and check back soon for pics and more info.
  4. VK4KID

    VK4KID Ham Member QRZ Page

    hi i would like
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  5. Pushraft

    Pushraft Banned

    pictures possible today

    I will try to post pictures today or tomorrow at the latest so anyone interested can check them out. Thanks for being patient.
  6. Pushraft

    Pushraft Banned

    serial number of Yaesu FT-767GX unit


    I took the pictures but have to process them and find a way to make them visible to you all. Meanwhile, I will post the serial number from the back of the unit in case anyone wants to research date of manufacturer and other related info. It is 6L050340. The 6L part appears similar to I have it here, in bold and much larger font than the rest of the serial number. As I get more info on this unit I will post it but I am not a HAM operator so I cant just fire it up and see what it can do.

    There is also some antenna that the seller has for it but I am not sure what band it is for just yet but will try to find out and even get a few pictures of it.

    Thanks again for you patience.
  7. K4ELT

    K4ELT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Is this rig still for sale and what is the final price, and what antena does he have.
  8. Pushraft

    Pushraft Banned

    Yaesu FT-767GX still for sale with antenna

    Hello all,

    Yes this transceiver is still for sale. I am learning more about it and am not a licensed ham yet, (I am still taking practice exams) so I cannot really thoroughly test it. I still dont know which of the expansion modules it has in it for the 6m, 2m, and 70cm amateur bands. Any help from anyone on how to determine that easily?

    Attached is a picture of the front panel. I will get more pictures soon and post them including close up pictures of the front and back. I didn't have my close up lens with me to do that the first time. If anyone is interested you can either post a reply here or send me a private message and I will respond quickly.

    I will also try to find out what antenna the owner has and post a picture of it too along with any markings on it such as make, model, serial #... .

    As far as price, it would be about $500 (+ shipping) for the transceiver if I determine it doesn't have any of the 6m, 2m, and 70cm expansion modules installed but if it does, it would be about $75 more per module but you could pick and choose which ones you want or dont want.

    I wish I was more familiar with this transceiver and had my amateur license then I could test it more and answer questions better but if you are patient, I will find out what I need to know eventually by asking other people and doing research. It looks like a nice unit and am tempted to buy it for myself but I am not sure when I will take my Technician class test so I better sell it so he gets some money.

    Thank you.
  9. Pushraft

    Pushraft Banned

    Yaesu Musen FT-767GX transceiver + operating manual

    I now have the transceiver and operating manual (OM) in my possession so I can better answer any questions. I also see now that this is the basic unit with none of the 6m, 2m, or 70cm expansion modules (those expansion bays are empty I checked). Here is the first paragraph from the OM which describes the unit:

    The FT-767GX is a solid state, all mode synthesized amateur transceiver incorporating automatic antenna tuner, power supply and provisions for up to three optional internal VHF and UHF band modules. The standard model provides 100 watts of RF power output on all hf amateur bands in SSB, CW, FM, and FSK modes (and 25 watts AM carrier power). Optional band modules provide 10 watts output on the 6m, 2m, and 70cm bands.

    I'll be taking more pictures and posting them soon. If anyone has any questions I can try to answer them but I am no expert. I will also try getting a picture of the antenna that comes with it.
  10. Pushraft

    Pushraft Banned

    price reduction

    The price has been reduced to $395 because it was discovered that the tuning knob does not work unless you push it in slightly. This may be a simple fix for someone familiar with this model and a good way for you to save some money (maybe you can fix it yourself for free). The other tuning functions via buttons on unit and buttons on mic both work fine. The transceiver is the basic unit without the 6m, 2m, and 70cm amateur expansion modules but I see those for sale so they are still available. This transceiver supports 100W RF output in all modes: SSB, CW, FM, and FSK modes (and 25 watts AM carrier power). Unit appears to be functioning properly. The $395 price does not include insured shipping which would be around $45 to continental USA only. It would be insured for the full $395 price. This appears to be a very nice all band transceiver which covers 160m to 10m and has a lot of features.

    Note this bundle includes the transceiver with original working mic, operating manual, and power cord. Nothing else.

    Send me a private message if you want more specs from the operating manual or you can just research it online.
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