Yaesu ft-70 Linear Amp?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Amplifiers' started by W0SMF, May 1, 2019.

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  1. W0SMF

    W0SMF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello there, I'm sure there's plenty of newbies asking repeated questions so my apologies for re-asking, I've searched google and on here to no avail. I was at a ham-bash a couple weeks ago and I was talking about maybe getting a mobile radio for my car when it was suggested I could get a linear amp for my Yaesu HT. I'm not looking to reach china with this thing, just bump the power enough so people can hear me on the popular repeater on the other side of town.

    I didn't follow up with detailed questions about the linear amp as I thought I could simply search it and come up with something. Well there's a ton of things out there and I'm having a difficult time sifting through it all, maybe it's that I'm not well versed on the terminology for specifics, but it was my understanding I could plug my "kiss" antenna into a small linear amp that carries a low watt D/C cable I could plug into a cigarette adapter and not have to mainline something to my car battery or fuse boxes. I didn't want to invest a lot of time and money into this car as I'll most likely be getting something else in the near future and like the idea of everything being portable where I could bring it inside and use a wall plug as well (antenna outside of course).

    Thanks for any pointers.
  2. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    The only such amp currently produced in the U.S. that I know of is this one: http://www.mirageamp.com/Product.php?productid=BD-35

    It draws about 7A, so a "cigar lighter" or "accessories" outlet in the dashboard probably can supply enough current: Depends what it's rated for by the manufacturer.

    My van has two "accessory" outlets clearly labeled "15A" or something, so they're probably wired with heavier wiring than the old conventional cigar lighter outlets.
  3. K7MH

    K7MH Ham Member QRZ Page

    That being the case why can't he just get a 2 meter mobile rig with similar output and use that to power it as well?

    I wouldn't even consider using a handheld with an amplifier when mobile. It's not worth the fuss and bother or cost. 2 meter mobiles are pretty inexpensive these days. Even some dual band rigs are. Certainly a regular mobile rig is more convenient, practical, and safer to use when mobile. Not to mention better performance.

    Wiring the power cable to the battery is just not that hard to do and is equally easy to remove later on. Either way you will still need to mount a decent antenna and run the cable for that.
    If you want to use the mobile rig in the house too just buy an extra power cable (if you already have a power supply and antenna) or just use the handheld.

    Some handhelds do not do very well on antennas other than the usual handheld "rubber duck" antennas that they are designed for. They can pick up all kinds of interference, noise etc. It just depends.
    You are not investing anything into the car you have. We are not talking about new tires, alternator, or a paint job. Just a radio you will take with you and put in the next car you own.
    You will have to get off the couch and get your hands a little dirty though!!:D
    Last edited: May 4, 2019
  4. G3YRO

    G3YRO Ham Member QRZ Page

    2M FM mobile rigs are generally VERY reliable, and can be purchased secondhand CHEAPER than you would pay for an amp for your handie-talkie !

    So as others have suggested, just buy a mobile rig . . . it will also be MUCH easier to use in the car !

    Roger G3YRO
  5. N4XRD

    N4XRD Ham Member QRZ Page

    You might look at an external magnet mount antenna placed on top of your vehicle. I have an inexpensive one that connects to the the FT-70, has a 13' cable & puts the antenna in a much better location than on the side of my head. Although providing no significant gain on 2 meters & a small amount on 70 cm, the location of the antenna may be be all the help your HT needs. With the radio sitting in the cup holder, the addition of a power cord & a speaker mike make a pretty cool QRP mini-mobile.

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