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Yaesu FT-450 any opinions?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by KF6OCI, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. IZ8JJM

    IZ8JJM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Menu FT-450AT Digital

    :confused: Hello to all, if someone wanted Chedi using FT-450AT xi digital modes (PSK31-RTTY) and has set the parameters of the radio menu, using (Ham Radio Deluxe Digital Master 780, with opto-isolated interface RTX sound of IT9QIO) .

    As data of the menu I have:
    CAT TOT - 10
    CATRA - 38400
    RTY SHT - 170
    RTY TON - 2125

    73 Claudio IZ8JJM
  2. W9BAG

    W9BAG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Howdy. I've had mine for about 6 months and really like it. I got the model without the built in tuner. I read in QRT that the built-in tuner didn't like to tune an antenna more than 3-1 SWR, so I opted for an LDG AT-100 PRO. The tight ergonomics do take a bit getting used to, and I find the access to the 60 meter band somewhat exagerrated, but with a Heil Goldline and G5RV, I've made some great contacts with glowing audio reports. The display is very easy on the eyes. If I had to identify something that I would like to change, it would be the marginal audio from the built-in speaker. Connecting the audio output to a Hallicrafters SX-42's phono input, and the matching R-42 Reproducer, and the FT-450 sounds fantastic!


    Columbus, Indiana
  3. OH7HL

    OH7HL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello Mike

    Have You tried this:

    It worked fine with me. Now I can tune my G5RV on 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m and even on 6m band, And also WARC-bands.

    I just LOVE this radio.

    Harry OH7HL
  4. SQ3OGP

    SQ3OGP Ham Member QRZ Page

    for all user ft450at,
    go to hidden menu and change:
    hfswr1=83 set to 150
    hfswr2=83 set to 150
    hfswr3=83 set to 150
    the AT with this mods work much more better, i change with 5 radio ft450 at and the tuner work more more better no problem to high swr more and 3 set to 1.1 no problem with long wire and g5rv antenas.
  5. G6IYS

    G6IYS Guest

    FT450 AT

    My Ft450 has a receive problem on LSB, fine on other modes but sounds very "tinny" on LSB.

    Won’t clarify/tune and is deaf in this mod, tried all the obvious and master resets, functions fine in every other mode!

    Rather disappointed as its only 9 months old!

    I guess I have been lucky since after 25 years of Yaesu rigs this is the only one that’s failed.

    Back it goes to the dealer.
  6. N9XAW

    N9XAW Ham Member QRZ Page

    universal fix-all

    I had the same problem with my FT 897. Lower sideband would not work properly but upper worked fine. Yaesu tech support was no help and I was about ready to take it in for service when a friend suggested doing a master CPU reset. This is a simple procedure to do and it should be covered in your owners manual. You will loose any stored frequencies in memory but that is no big deal.
    The master CPU reset cured the problem and a few other little glitches.
  7. KQ7W

    KQ7W Ham Member QRZ Page

    oh well... if you compare the ft450 to the k3.............
  8. KA4AIY

    KA4AIY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Did not know 450 solved marriages Hi

    FT 450 is a great rig.... I like the DSP and filter tuning of the rig.

    The rig is a bit clumsy when you wish to dial in more RF out as you have to go to menu. A Single RF tune knob on panel :D would be preferred.
  9. M1EBU

    M1EBU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Harry,

    Great Job!!!

    With info from you regarding SQ3OGP post i can finally get my auto tuner to work on all bands with an SWR of 1:1.... :) I have been using an external tuner for ages and often wondered why the internal tuner didnt work on some areas of the band....

    This info is important to all FT450AT users with SWR issues

    Great thanks

    73 de Warren M1EBU
  10. K2FR

    K2FR Guest

    Great radio for a first time ham.

    I've enjoyed the radio and had no problems with it at all.

    I got the FT-450 without the auto tuner, and went directly for an LDG AT-100 Pro because I use ladder fed dipoles and a Balun.

    If you want, You can see a bunch of videos ive made about the radio and using it on my Youtube

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