Yaesu FT-450 any opinions?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by KF6OCI, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. KE7VZW

    KE7VZW Ham Member QRZ Page

    You owned and used both the 718 and the 450 prior to making this statement ??? This is a first......

  2. KA5S

    KA5S Ham Member QRZ Page

    After you test things are never the same

    Over 20 years ago I had a lot of fun with a Century 21. Then I put a wattmeter on it, and things got harder when I learned it only had 10 watts output on 10 meters.

    I downloaded Spectrogram to get a better look at the audio output from my 450, and ran some selectivity tests on that and my 857. The 450's DSP has a lot more spurs associated with it, and these make ultimate rejection and inband noise worse than the 857. This has not been an issue for me on thr air, but I will be comparing the two rigs more now.

    Plots are in the Yahoo Group "Yaesu FT-450".

    Last edited: Nov 22, 2008
  3. N2GBT

    N2GBT Ham Member QRZ Page

    yaesu ft450

    I had one for 30 minutes and hated it- sold it on ebay for 700.00 amazingly- I'm not a sub menu-small button- spend 10 minutes to make an adjustment Ham- Ive seen quite a few sold on ebay so evidently alot of people feel the same way-

    Ended up buying a Kenwood TS870- I'll forego 6m for big knobs and an easier to use radio
    My two cents
    Joe N2GBT
  4. KA5S

    KA5S Ham Member QRZ Page

    Retested and it looks a lot better

    After getting some tips on using Spectrogram, retested with more signal and the 450 looks a lot better. CW isn't as selective as the mechanical filter in my FT-857 -- but the 857 doesn't get along with the Extended AM Band station across the river, either. Results in the Yahoo Group Yaesu FT-450 photo files, Rescanned Spectrogram Plots album.

  5. KH6AQ

    KH6AQ Ham Member QRZ Page


    Buy it!

    I have one and love it. To me it is a big rig in a smaller package. Not too menu intensive and a great receiver with a fine DSP. The ergonomics are great. The information is presented in an easy-to-digest format. Not much thinking required to use it. Your left hand does all the work without moving around. Some don't like the tuning knob. I like it. Perhaps I have smaller hands than most. I bought mine at AES.
  6. RK3TD

    RK3TD Ham Member QRZ Page

    I wish to get FT450 for work in the field. However involves use possibility FT897 with two battteries inside.
  7. MW0CND

    MW0CND Guest

    THE YAESU FT 450

    I love my yaesu ft450 it's a lovely radio work's well get's good audio report's when the audio is set up with the menu !! and the reciever is exellent the dsp is spot on work's very well! in all i rate this radio 10 out of 10 and i can tell you all i will be hanging on to this one it's a keeper! i am a very happy welsh amateur radio operator! 73's all:D
  8. N4BRJ

    N4BRJ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've had mine for about a year now and have NO complaints.
    I've had no issues with it whatsoever.
    Last field day it was used for 24 hours straight without a break and it held up beautifully.
  9. N4JTQ

    N4JTQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The FT450At Awsome little rig

    My wife and I have a FT450At we share and great radio, she was use to a Icom 718, and I had touched the squelch control one day and sent a static charge into the radio , so being a Yaesu person I got her a FT450At, she has fallen in love with the radio and the features, I personally also enjoy the operation of the radio, user friendly, great recieve, great TX , we use a Heil Traveler headset on the radio and get great reports on both signal and audio, the Icom is now below the FT450At as a backup.. for a midrange priced radio well worth the money, have worked several contest and DX stations with the unit, I by the way use a FT857D as a base and it works great also !!
    Rick and Cathy
    N4JTQ and KI4YPO
  10. KB3MUB

    KB3MUB QRZ Member


    im having a little problem with my ft-450 radio i try to update the firmware and now my radio wont turn on any bady have gone tru this
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