Yaesu Ft-220 and ftv-250 on repeaters

Discussion in '"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment' started by KI7WQH, Nov 5, 2018.

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  1. KI7WQH

    KI7WQH Ham Member QRZ Page

    hey guys,

    So I’m finally getting around to trying to get my ftv-250 hooked up to my ft-101 and getting it on the air on 2 meters but, and maybe I’m wrong, I’m pretty sure the FTv-250 doesn’t do FM, or tones, so that’s going to be a lost cause on repeaters right? The transmit offset might be available by using the external vfo (unless it doesn’t work that way with the 250/650b transverters which seems very possible) so while it will be nice to get it hooked up, it likely won’t be particularly useful. Does that sound right?
    Another option is I have a beat up ft-220 that a friend is sending me. This does FM (if it works) and from what I’ve read in the manual it does offset 600+ with a button on the front. It can also generate tones but it looks like you have to set the tone manually by turning a pot on the inside of the case. This could work if I got one of those tone detecting frequency counters off of eBay and just set it to the most frequently used tone and left it alone.
    My question is, has anyone ever got a ftv-250 to work on a repeater by using an aftermarket tone generator and figuring out a way to accomplish the frequency shift as well as FM, or is that just a rabbit hole I don’t want to go down?
    Anyone have experience with the ft-220 on repeaters?
    On a side note, would love to know if anyone can recommend a vintage yaesu net or club. I have quite the collection building now (just got a ftdx100 today!) and it would be fun to find an understanding net to use these rigs on. Fox tango looks like it’s pretty much done for and every time I find a reference to groups they seem to be inactive. Maybe I should start something up if there isn’t anything. I’ve been archiving everything I come across because you never know when some of these old pages are going to go 404. I wouldn’t mind putting together a revamped version of the yaesu museum site with all the manuals and tech info I’ve accumulated.

  2. G3YRO

    G3YRO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Steve, firstly the FTV-250 is just a Transverter . . . that means it takes the 10m signal from your HF rig, and coverts it to 2m, both on Transmit and Receive.

    But it won't transmit anything that your rig doesn't transmit. (like FM, or even Tones). And there is also no easy way of achieving the 600kHz transmit offset required for Repeaters on your FT101.

    Secondly, the FT220 is a horrible rig ! The whole way it is built is a real mess inside . . . several things about it make it very unreliable, and it's not good to work on. If you want a nice SSB rig for 2m, you would be FAR better looking for an FT221, which is really nicely engineered, with all plug-in boards.

    BUT . . . these VFO-controlled 2m rigs are really designed for SSB. Sure, they CAN transmit and Receive FM . . . but dialing up the required frequencies is a real pain. And more of a problem is the tones required for Repeater Access. I presume in the USA that like Britain, you no longer a use single 1750kHz audio tone to access any Repeater, but that each one has a DIFFERENT sub-audible pair of tones that need programming into the rig.

    Frankly, if you want to use repeaters, you are much better using a dedicated FM rig that has a synthesizer, as well as the built in tone systems and memories for them. (there are plenty of good reliable secondhand rigs available pretty cheap). They also run more power - typically 50 watts.

    Roger G3YRO
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  3. KI7WQH

    KI7WQH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I figured that would be the case with the FTV-250, which is a shame. Not sure how much use I'll get out of it but I'll still get it working and who knows, maybe I'll make some random QSOs on SSB some day.

    Also that's a shame about the FT220! I was excited to get that since it matches my ft-101 station and I know they are extremely rare (at least in the US). I've seen the 221's for sale, they match the ft-301 and I've thought about picking one up but I've had to draw the line somewhere in collecting Yaesus and I decided to draw it at the FT-101 series. Maybe after I get all these rigs fully up to factory spec I'll look into the 301, 107, and 901 series but for now I'm sandboxed in.

    As far as the different tones, you are correct to some extent. Most of the repeaters in my area use 162.2 (in fact, almost all of them do) the thing that would trip me up more than that is that half of the repeaters shift 600 up and the other half shift down. The ft220 can only shift up (however, from the pictures that my friend sent me, there is a switch that has been added to the rig that doesn't appear to be factory and I know it was common for people to add an aftermarket shift +/- switch so maybe that's what it is).

    I found a tone generator on eBay that I think I can mix with my mic input. It would let me change the tone without having to crack the case open. I know there are way easier ways to get this done, I have a cheapo Baofeng that works fine, but I want to get all my rigs working within the limits they originally had. I don't mind having to do the extra work. It's like when I use my FRG-7, there is a part of my brain that knows I don't have to fiddle with so many knobs. I could tune the same frequencies and more with my 817. But what is the fun in that?

    If you ever write a book Roger, I will buy it! I would love to know what you know.
  4. KD9FOF

    KD9FOF XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    If you decide to sell the FTV-250 let me know, looking for this for simplex 2m SSB via my FT101E

    73 LaValle

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