Yaesu FT-11R and FT-51R and lots of accessories

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by N8QID, May 3, 2009.

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  1. N8QID

    N8QID Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am selling my two Yaesu handhelds, FT-11R (2 meter HT) and FT-51R (2 meter/440 dualband HT). I bought both of these radios new and have taken care of them and have not had any problems with them. I am also selling all of the accessories that I own with them. Because these radios use the same batteries and accessories, I want to sell the entire lot together. These accessories are getting hard to find now, and I hope that I can find someone who is interested in the whole shebang.

    Yaesu FT-11R
    - Works well. All of the lettering on the buttons is perfect. Belt clip shows some wear.
    - 150 memory channels (or 75 with alpha numeric naming turned on)
    - 5 watts on 2 meters with 9.6v battery
    - Extended receive (110 MHz - 180 MHz) with AM for the aircraft band
    - CTCSS encode
    - Backlit keypad and display
    - This is a tough little radio with a die cast rear case and polycarbonate front
    - Comes with original manual and original box
    - More info here: http://www.universal-radio.com/CATALOG/ht/ft11r.html

    Yaesu FT-51R
    - Works well. All of the lettering on the buttons is perfect. Cosmetically this radio looks great!
    - 120 memory channels
    - 5 watts on 2 meters, 5 watts on 440 Mhz
    - Backlit keypad and display
    - Extended receive (110 MHz - 180 MHz on VHF with AM receive in the aircraft band and 420 MHz - 470 MHz on UHF)
    - This radio has had the MARS/CAP modification performed (it will cover the FRS/GMRS band)
    - True dual receive (VHF+UHF, VHF+VHF, or UHF+UHF)
    - Cross band repeat
    - Alphanumeric display at the bottom scrolls descriptions of menu items so there is almost no need to have the manual.
    - Volt meter
    - Comes with the original manual and box
    - More info here: http://www.universal-radio.com/CATALOG/ht/ft51r.html

    Yaesu FBA-14 AA battery case

    Yaesu MH-29AB Remote control speaker mic with LCD and backlight. Controls the FT-51. Works as a standard speaker mic with the FT-11.

    Yaesu E-DC-12 Cigarette lighter adapter/charger with noise filter. Clips onto the bottom of the battery pack.

    W&W Manufacturing battery eliminator Allows the radio to be powered from a cigarette lighter socket without a battery connected.

    Yaesu NC-50 rapid charger Dual socket rapid charger with CA-10 charge adapters for these batteries. One tab broke off one of the sockets. I believe that socket will still power the radio but will not charge the battery. The other socket charges batteries just fine. Probably easily repairable.

    Yaesu CSC-63 Leather case for the FT-51 with the large battery

    Yaesu CSC-67 Leather case for the FT-51 with the small battery

    Yaesu CSC-61 Leather case for the FT-11 with the large battery

    Yaesu CSC-62 Leather case for the FT-11 with the small battery

    Yaesu ADMS-1 programming software Works with both radios. Comes with software on floppy disk and serial interface cable. (If you need, I can burn the software to a CD-R.)

    Yaesu NC-38B with CA-9 adapter Wall charger for 9.6 volt battery packs

    Yaesu NC-55B with CA-9 adapter Wall charger for 4.8 volt battery packs

    W&W Manufacturing HC-091B4M-FNB38M 9.6 volt @ 1000 mAh NiMH battery pack. 5 watts output with this battery installed.

    Yaesu FNB-31 battery 4.8v @ 600 mAh. Three of these batteries. 1.5 watts output with these batteries.

    Yaesu FNB-38 battery 9.6v @ 600 mAh. Two of these batteries. 5 watts output with these batteries.

    Diamond RH77CA Dual band antenna with BNC connector. 1/4 wave on 2 meters.

    Battery condition: Some of these batteries are original with the radios and they work. I bought some newer ones just a few years ago when R&L was clearing them out. So, you are guaranteed to get some good batteries and there is a good chance that some are bad. I haven't used these radios regularly for several years, but I do try to cycle them all about once a year.

    $460 for everything, and I'll ship it for free. Paypal preferred. I am in Columbus, OH, so you can pick them up from me if you are nearby. Plenty of pictures are available. Email me at radioouman@yahoo.com
  2. N8QID

    N8QID Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not exactly sure what I was thinking there. I was planning for $400 for the entire set. FT-11, FT-51, speaker mic, batteries, rapid charger, leather cases, battery eliminator, mobile charger, and antenna.

    Here are some pictures of the FT-11, FT-51, speaker mic, and the rapid charger with the broken terminal.




  3. N8QID

    N8QID Ham Member QRZ Page

    And the FT-11R

  4. EA4FQX

    EA4FQX Ham Member QRZ Page

    I love this ft-51... There is any possibility of buying the ft-51 only? I don´t have enough money for everything...

    Thanks in advance. Sorry my english please, i´m spanish.

  5. N8QID

    N8QID Ham Member QRZ Page

    Everything is sold.
  6. QRZ
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