Yaesu FT-101EE Speech Processor Removal

Discussion in 'Radio Circuits, Repair & Performance' started by RANCH55, Jul 21, 2019.

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  1. RANCH55

    RANCH55 QRZ Member

    I hope someone reads this post that can help me out.
    I need to remove the speech processor board, PB1534, from a Yaesu FT-101EE.
    The board has some issues that I am not going to chase and just want to remove it completely. It is a simple procedure to remove it, BUT .......
    After the harness wires are disconnected from the board, I do know that some of the harness wires need to be soldered together and the the ends covered with shrink tubing.
    Problem is that I have not found any instructions anywhere to tell me which wires to connect and solder. The schematic is no help. It does not show the state of the wiring before a processor board is installed.
    If anyone has a FT-101EE and would be willing and kind enough to to remove the top cover, remove the black tubing from the wire harness bundles, and take a couple of detailed photos and description of which pairs or wires to mate together, I would be very grateful.
    I don't want to get into a discussion about chasing down the board problems, or repairing it.
    I just need to remove it altogether from the radio.
    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
  2. G3YRO

    G3YRO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've replied to an identical Post in the Boat Anchor section . . .

    (maybe a Mod will delete this one)

    Roger G3YRO

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