Yaesu 857d Zebra Stripe Problem Fixed?

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Discussions' started by AJ2I, Oct 4, 2019.

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  1. AA7EJ

    AA7EJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Part Number is Q7000428
    This is $80 part apparently available on "open market" .
    So far NOBODY mentioned HOW it supposedly be installed in the control head.

    BUT if it is separate piece of hardware it has to have SOME means to install it, right?

    So back to "speculations".

    "We oughta get a CLASS ACTION SUIT Against Yaesu for this one! LAWYERS??"
    It has been suggested many times, so far no takers.

    The "problem" is - at least in automotive cases - it better be "safety" related to have some change to succeed.
    Perhaps being advertised as mobile rig , no I have not look if that is so, and failing mostly when used mobile...false advertisement ?

    But I have also heard that Yaesu blames it on "LCD manufacturer defect" .
    Normal - blame it on somebody else ...
  2. VK4XJB

    VK4XJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    The lcd is as per the photo in the link I pasted. The ribbon is stuck to the lcd. There is no compression fitting for holding the ribbon in place. The frame the lcd sits in stops it from moving around and is screwed to the pcb. It does not clamp the ribbon. There are also those that blame the chip in the ribbon and claim success with a hot air gun.

    When I was looking the replacement was the pcb + ribbon + lcd as a unit. Replace everything inside the head unit.
  3. AA7EJ

    AA7EJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    "When I was looking the replacement was the pcb + ribbon + lcd as a unit. Replace everything inside the head unit."

    Do you have a part # .
    I have been looking at the link I posted and it does iidetify many parts of the LCD , but I do not see the "PCB" nor "ribbon to the controller.
    I actually cannot identify any electrical parts , nor their connections , just mechanical layout.

    There is a "T9207025" "wire assembly " which "COULD" be the ribbon cable in question , but the connections are not shown.
  4. VK4XJB

    VK4XJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Can not find the original information I had. Thought I had saved it. All I remember is the price being a bit above $200 usd. Bit more googling and came up CS2140401 as a possible number for the 3 pieces combined. As well as even more comments about the ribbon being bonded directly to the lcd and more complaints about the chip in the ribbon.
  5. VK4XJB

    VK4XJB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Found it. This is from 2 years ago and it was a few $ cheaper than I remembered.

    Part Number Description Cost Qty NOTES
    CS2140401 AH007M000 PANEL-UNIT $179.99ea 1 In stk
  6. AA7EJ

    AA7EJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good and bad.
    This part # does not jive with anything in the llnk I posted.
    Perhaps it is after market sub-assembly and that is why you and I are having little difficulty corresponding.
    No problem.
    Our - your and and mine objective is to find or verify that the "issue" is indeed in connection to the LCD glass substrate.
    I won't get too upset if it is not.

    KD4TWJ advertised here, way back, $80 "display " for sale, unfortunately the e-mail he posted bounced back.
    I may shoot him a snail mail.

    I may send another note to the OM who "repairs" them here.

    73 Shirley
  7. VE2HIT

    VE2HIT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Dear 857/897 aficionados,

    I think I may have come upon a surprisingly simple fix for the zebra line problem!

    I own an 897-D and the display problem started about 3 years ago, with 2 white stripes on the LCD display. 2 days ago, 7 such stripes were interfering with the display, and I was just about to order a new display board...

    Until I had the idea of going into the menu and cranking up the Display Contrast all the way up, to the point of blanking out the LCD with dark pixels. I then left the radio on a strong AM broadcast station with the volume down for several hours (probably 4 or 5). By the time I returned to check the rig, the display was down to 4 defective lines, with one of those flickering intermittently. Excited about this initial result, I decided to leave the radio on for a full 2 days. ALL the Zebra lines are now GONE and I can now return the Display Contrast to a normal setting, turn off the radio, start operating normally, and the white lines are NOT returning at this point!

    I’m speculating that this procedure is forcing current into the LCD, which may restore conductivity in the defective pixels. Probably some chemical reaction in the material that makes up the LCD.

    I obviously don’t know yet if this will constitute a permanent fix, but I do invite other owners to try it out and see if they can achieve comparable results.

    Good luck!

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2020
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  8. WA6MHZ

    WA6MHZ Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I changed my Go kit to a FT8 GoKit. Therefore I use the frequency display on the computer screen to tell me where I am. My display is useless now. banging around in GoKit service makes it even worse! For SSB and CW use I would use HAM RADIO DELUXE to tell me where I am. I sure can't afford $300 to fix a radio barely worth over $300!!

    Yaesu isn't the only one who gives hams a "GEE, THATS TOO BAD!!! WE will be happy to fix it for you, for a Price!" Now Icoms new IC-7610 is suffering grave display issues. Yes they will be more than happy to fix it for you! The same thing happened with the Icom IC-756 which I also have one of. So Far, knock on wood, my display still works, but it is poor. Some EU ham made upgrade Kits for it. Sue bought one to fix her ICOM 756 and it looks almost as lousy as the original. But I got the radio at a COME AND GET IT price!
  9. KD0CAC

    KD0CAC Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have a 897 and have watched threads just in case , I have no screen problems but it's nice to know in advance of possibilities .
    As you describe , good watch of systems .
    But I think [ I have read , but not had a chance to work on this issue ] the reading was about 2-3 ver. of the build of the 897-857 and the fix was the connections between the pressure fit type connection , I do not remember the technical type of connection , but have fixed other / non 897-857 displays with the , what I am calling " pressure fit " a series of soft silicone , flexible laminates with conducts between layers that make the electrical connects between the display & board , with some sort of framework that uses just pressure to hold in place & make connects between .
    The fix on other displays I've done were to separate clean with contact cleaner from Deoxit , then put back together with an appropriate thickness of shim to increase pressure .
  10. VE2HIT

    VE2HIT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just an update about the "display contrast fix" I described a little over a month ago... Unfortunately, the fix is not permanent, and some zebra lines do come back intermittently (I have had as little as 1 and as much as 3 since I discovered the partial fix). Again, the procedure of cranking up the contrast in the menu for several hours will eventually get rid of those dead pixel lines for several days, but they always do come back randomly with time, and probably the effects of ambient temperature and humidity. It seems, as some other hams have suggested, that when the ambient temperature drops, the dead pixel lines tend to reappear. So I might have to consider buying a new display board if the issue becomes too annoying, and more zebra lines start invading the LCD screen, rendering readings difficult.

    Hope this helps those who would like to experiment further with this solution,

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