XML 1.11 QSL Info Question

Discussion in 'Community Help Center' started by WA1OUI, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. WA1OUI

    WA1OUI Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    As a user via XML (and web, too), I appreciate the effort that has gone into this service. It is invaluable. My logging program (MacLogger) is now using the 1.11 version, and I am seeing new fields reported about eqSL, Mail, and LOTW, with a YES or NO answer. This is fine, but for the life of me, when I go to manage my account, I can't find where to set these options except for an eQSL yes/no button in the callsign data update. Is this fully implemented on the user side yet? Where do I set these values?

    Many thanks,


    David, WA1OUI
  2. N4CYA

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    Hello David,

    Type your callsign in to the white box on top left hand corner then click callsign then click on more detail when it shows your address click on edit record then click update the basic callsign data then thats where you will find your information scroll down where it says QSL info thats where you type it in at

    73' Jamie (N4CYA)
  3. WA1OUI

    WA1OUI Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Dear Jamie,

    I appreciate the reply, but EVERY lookup via my logging program adds:

    eQSL:NO, MailQSL:NO, LoTW:NO

    (or perhaps yes) to the notes... this is much too formatted to have been entered by hand in the QSL section that you mentioned (and that I have used).

    It seems as if it should be check boxes to get that...


    David, WA1OUI
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