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Xmit loop antenna for all bands.Dbl helix cont"d

Discussion in 'Antennas, Feedlines, Towers & Rotors' started by KB9MZ, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. KB9MZ

    KB9MZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hang on a minuit Art. The books say that radiation is by waves not particles so where do the particles come about in the first place?
    That is a good question ! Maxwell and Faraday and others used there observations and then derived the mathematics to quantasize their observations. Maxwell moved away from that by approaching things mathematically as the World does to this day.Tragic computer work leads observations. He put all the equations that were made earlier via observation and condensed them into four equations but he came across problems and added to the equations some metrics to make the mathematics come out right! Whoopy do. He added metrics of what was unknown at the time just for the sake of mathematics which follows equilibrium or balance of past observations going back more tha a thousand years.
    Now Gauss did a lot of work also in the electrostatics area with his law of statics which is based on boundary laws.
    If you add to the static particles inside his boundary some full wave elements with a time varying field you have the exact same situation as demonstrated by Maxwell's revised equation for radiation! So right from the time of Maxwell and Gauss, scientists have never drawn a line between the thoughts of these two people where it is determined that particles are present in radiation instead of the wave thinking that persists to this very day. So now ham radio is ahead of the curve again.
    Very elementary my dear Watson.
  2. KB9MZ

    KB9MZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Did Gauss state where his static particles came from in the first place Art?
    No he didn't but Einstein was sure that radiation was connected to the big bang and the idea of the Standard Forces beginnings. He gave up after some twenty years and then went on to relativity.

    So let us go back to the Sun and the Big Bang. The sun can be seen as being within a boundary just like the Faraday cage and the Gasussian boundary.
    When the big bang occured the Suns boundary broke because of extra particles created by heat, banged up against the inside of the boundary which thus momentarily broke to let the excess particle or vector force out.
    These particles were carried away on the Solar stream where some entered
    the atmosphere of the Earth looking for a place to settle. To settle they had to find a substance that will not encapsulate them with the constituent electrons and atoms. They actually settle on what is termed diamagnetic materials such as aluminum, copper, silver and a host of other materials most of which are used for antennas. The covering of the elements by these electrons seeking to rest actually encapsulate the elements settled upon such that there is no extra area for more particles to rest. Thus you can see right from the beginning, particles and radiating elements were part and parcel of the same thing.

    What was that you said at the end Watson?
  3. KB9MZ

    KB9MZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    O.K Arty. You have explained how a time varying current got to the receiverand you have explained where the particles came from in the fist place.
    The tricky part is that the onus is on you to connect these two things ala transmitter. Gottcha?
    No not really. The transmitter provides a time varying current to the antenna elements which are covered with electrons. When this is done we also get the metrics that Maxwell added on behalf of mathematics principle. This added portion stated that a displacement current was involved, swirling eddy currents and all that. Well just as the Sun broke it's equilibrium boundary by imparting a bending moment because the extra particle also had a straight vector to it.
    Interestingly this same action created movement in the resting particles in the same way, an upward force with bending moment or spin. This action is used extensively in scrapyard sorting areas where materials are thrown off of a conveyor to land in a designated container.
    Now we know that radiation motion is of a straight line form un affected by gravity thus the ejection of a particle with spin is exactly that which is imparted on a bullet for a straight line trajectory. So we have a particle which has been accellerated until it reached the same speed as light going head long to a diamagnetic element that is resonant at the same frequency
    of the transmitter where it impinges on the element with a vector force that comprises of two energy transition fields whbic is in essence the completion
    of a tank circuit around which propagation occurs.
  4. KB9MZ

    KB9MZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Art., Then why didn't Einstein come up with all this when he was trying to determine the Standard model .
    Well this goes back to the Big Bang which was really a momentary breakage of equilibrium created by the extra particle or vector that imposed a bending action on the Sun's boundary which is composed of a direct force and the action of spin. Einstein knew nothing of the Big Bang so was thinking along the lines of the Universe being in equilibrium.
    Ofcourse we know now that the Universe is not yet fully in equilibrium just the same as when the Big bang took place. He would have then seen that Newtons laws were still being impinged upon by the same two forces of the Big Bang which is gravity and the rotation of the Earth. Which is also the same two forces of vectors that elevated the particle for radiation in a straight line trajectory un affected by gravity which reveals the true standard model of two forces, direct and spin from which the derivatives such as electromagnetism and electricity as we know it comes from.

    You have come a full circle Watson
  5. KB9MZ

    KB9MZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    But Art we have verticle antennas that are inline with the force of gravity so how did the rotation vector disappear.
    Excellent point. It was us humans who ign ored that force as if it wasn't there.,
    You know we have computor programs derived from the final equation of Maxwell, even tho the part added by Maxwell for mathematical sake was un known .
    Programs for antennas also have programed in themselves to redirect the calculations to follow the arrangement for maximum radiation and not the fudge factor yagi types that we use today. So if you inputted figures of an arrangement that allowed the program to do its thing. the the result that the program would offer is not a verticle antenna but one that is resonant at a tilted angle with the radiator being a full wave length. A wave length because using the principle of equilibrium the two areas for a full cycle are not ever equal because of overshoot phenomina. Thus tho a half wave length is seen to be resonant when it is totally resistive it is certainly not in a state of equilibrium.
    Thus to really be exact in calculations accurracy depends on equilibrium which depends on the use of full wave radiators which conform with the period of a full cycle. My two patent requests on my page rests fully
    on my analysis as declared in this thread.
    Art KB9MZ.......xg
  6. KB9MZ

    KB9MZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Art, you have given us the scientific background of your antenna some of which is above my pay grade and nobody has commented for or against the design. If I were to make one the first thing that comes to mind is that the
    conductors are very thin if I wanted to run power.
    I can understand your concern so let use grind things out and see what really happens. We all know that the total resistance comprises of two parts which is
    real resistance of the radiator and secondly the radiation resistance.
    Ignoring feeding problems we would like the real resistance to go low so that the radiation increases as power equals I sqd R. Now we all have heard about skin resistance so let us examine that. Skin resistance is initialy measured by applying a time varying field to a non resonant conductor and where this resistance will go down as we increase the radiation resistance which is what a radiator is for.
    A mesh conductor does not hold the current flow to a particular path. In fact
    for a given frequency the paths can be ten times or more the normal and all in parallel ! This allows the resistance of the element to drop drastically, and on top of this the mesh does an excellent cooling job. But let us look at the skin depth thing as this is not very clear insome peoples minds. Since we have several paths for current to flow the skin resistance also goes down in each wire as the current does not travel so deep. Ideally we would like the element resistance to go as close to zero as possible so the radiation resistance goes to a maximum. Now let us look at our radiator element again. It is a conducting member with the surface tightly covered by free electrons that originaly came from the Sun and it is this thickness of electrons that contribute to radiation resistance as we must eject them to obtain radiation.
    So theoretically if the resistance was all outside of the radiating member
    then the radiating member would have zero resistance and the electrical laws that we live by would all fall apart. Since we have to feed the radiator
    we don't arrive at disaster and we choose a total resistance or impedance
    value in the order of 20 ohms which allows most of the resistance to lie outside the element. This allows the element or wire to carry less current than you would see when applying a DC current. When viewing the inside of the radiator or mesh, instead of seeing single type magnetic lines
    you will see instead a wall of a magnetic field linesas the time varying field is taking many different path,.where all are following a closed circuit route from the source to the other connecting point. So you can see that there are many wires carrying the applied current which removes your concerns about a single thin wire possibly burning up. If you deformed the mesh cylinder so that it narrows in diameter at the exit end you are essentially changing the cylinder to replicate a fireman"s hose which thus narrows the radiated field
    into more of a beam and thus more gain. By the way let me explain "disaster". If all the applied current was applied outside the element it sounds good but it cannot be done as we cannot apply a current to a electron alone as it is basically chemically held to the surface of the main element. Ohms law would still stand as the element is encapsulated in a electron skin which in effect increases the diameter of the current carrying member. By the way, there is billions of free electrons per cubic meter of air
    just waiting for the chance to settle on the radiator space evacuated by the ejected electron so the skin is always maintained.
    By the way. If radiation was a matter of "waves" one can get into a situation
    of waves cancelling waves depending on the design. However, in the case of particles as per Maxwell all vectors are additive and not destructive so to say
    one cannot determine the value of a particular radiator is some what untrue.
    Where are the hams that are conversant with physics to pass judgement?
    Nuff said
    Goodnight Mister Watson
    Happy holidays
    Art Unwin KB9MZ......xg
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