WWV & WWVB Ground Wave!

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KA0KA, Oct 1, 2019.

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  1. KA9Q

    KA9Q Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm wondering if that's something else. I'd have to think about what simultaneous AM and PM of the same carrier would do to its spectrum. If the receiver is wide enough, an envelope detector should ignore the PM since it doesn't care about phase. But PM is essentially the same as FM, and that certainly produces sidebands. Here it's narrow PM since the phase doesn't vary more than say, 60 degrees or so and the signal resembles AM with only one set of sidebands.
  2. WS7M

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    Well we apologize for that. We had issues getting NTP to work over our network and it took some time to resolve. Add to that the fact that one computer running N1MM decided to be the master and reset all the clocks of all the other computers and it was off...

    It was very interesting running ANY radios and various modes in the presence of over 60 kw of RF. 30 meters was probably the most challenging. We discovered some very interesting behaviors setting up our stations. In one case we were setting up an Elecraft K3S and KPA 500 to work on 15 meters. The antenna was a multiband vertical. For about 30 minutes we thought we had a defective amp because when we would transmit on 15 meters the amp would start out there then automatically band switch to 30 meters then fault out.

    We finally concluded through some antenna tests that the 10 Mhz signal from the WWV antenna just over 1000 feet away at 10 kw + was strong enough to come in our antenna, down our coax and fool the KPA-500 amp auto sense circuitry into thinking we were transmitting on 30m.

    Loads of fun!

    Mark - WS7M
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