WSJT-X vs JTDX - which is better?

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by KQ0J, May 11, 2018.

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  1. W0AQ

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    My experiences are different than most.

    I have used both WSJT-X and JDTX extensively. I have tested both on an Alienware laptop and a new Dell desktop computer. Both of these programs have things about them that I like.

    Although I thought initially that JTDX decoded more stations that WSJT-X, I have had problems keeping JTDX going. For some reason, on both computers, it seems to run fine upon initial install and then at some point almost stopped decoding, or the decodes dropped off to two or three per cycle. I'm not really sure why.

    I have not had that problem with WSJT-X. A few days ago I noticed one cycle that looked like it had a lot of decodes. I counted and I believe that there were 16. I would be curious to hear how many decodes others have had with both pieces of software.

    Although JTDX has a couple of bells and whistles that I wish were part of WSJT-X, I normally use WSJT-X, although I still dabble with JTDX sometimes.
  2. KQ8W

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    I noticed a feature in JTDX that I could not find in WSJT-X.

    In FT4/FT8, you transmit in opposing cycles (transmit/receive/transmit/receive). For FT8, this means you can transmit at 0sec/30sec or 15sec/45sec. In JTDX, you can force your transmit into either of these cycles, but in WSJT-X, I don't see this option.

    This isn't a problem when answering CQs, but when calling, you can potentially miss half of the listeners.
  3. W0AQ

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    @KQ8W - This would be the box labeled "Transmit first/even" or some such in WSJT-X. I am not where I can look now but that is where you control it.
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  4. KQ8W

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    Thanks for the tip! Some of these buttons aren't intuitively named.
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