Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by N3DT, Nov 12, 2019.

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  1. N3DT

    N3DT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm operating on 17M this morning and out of the blue I get a RR73 from an EA ham and the auto log window comes up with the sent and RX windows populated with numbers and also the grid square. So I accept the QSO, but then I copy and paste my whole list of RX window data into notepad and do a search for the EA call and it's not there. How does this happen, is it left over from a previous session that was not fully completed?
  2. KP4SX

    KP4SX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've had guys pull this trick. I don't log them. I think the signal reports get filled in from your last QSO?
  3. N3DT

    N3DT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, the GS is correct for the call and the rst values don't correspond to anything else in my log?
  4. PA3GCU

    PA3GCU XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi there, you dont need to cut and paste check the ALL file situated in your User/App Data/local/WSJT-X (assuming you use windows).
    It seems that its a trick when you receive an RR73, there was a lot of that from Spain a while ago when they were using special A callsigns.
    Simply delete the entry, or at least thats what i do.

    Have a nice3 day Regards 73 Richard PA3GCU.
  5. K7GQ

    K7GQ Subscriber QRZ Page

    When I operate from the KH6, I find that a number of EU hams "try" this trick of forcing a RR73/Log QSO prior to any previous RF contact. I was only fooled once before I caught on ...
  6. KA0HCP

    KA0HCP XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    There is a setting for "log cue when 73 received" in the Settings Menu.

    You can disable that, or just be aware to reject the cue when an exchange was not completed.
  7. KA2IRQ

    KA2IRQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've run into this. If I read your post correctly it's the same as the situation I encountered several times. There are those that say the only thing you need to copy is the callsign for a legitimate contact and that is what they're pushing with this practice. The WSJT-X software does not stop it because they are not trying to "enforce" anything. So there is a default "protocol," but the software allows you to modify as you see fit by only sending certain exchanges.

    It's kind of similar to working a DX station in a pileup- they receive your callsign. The "59" is really meaningless and a lot of times they don't write down or log any other info that is transmitted via radio. They log the time, your call, and everything else is boiler plate.

    So to save 30 seconds on FT8, they cut out the signal report and grid square exchange. They already have your callsign, they just hope you get theirs and auto-magically put it in your log.

    I hate the practice, for the record. Not that what I think matters to anyone. But anyone who does that to me does not make it into my log and will not be confirmed.

    This goes to the whole discussion/argument as to what minimal information is required for a QSO to have taken place. Ask ten hams and you'll get eleven different answers.
  8. N3DT

    N3DT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I get what everyone is saying, but how does the rst and grid square get populated with just a RR73? Most 'legit' qso's getting the grid square requires you click on his cq or something with his gs with the call. It just doesn't happen automatically, that I've noticed. Lots of times when I go back to a guy that didn't finish properly, I have to find his GS to enter it.

    Yes, it is FT8 after all, and it's not much of a QSO in my book, but not much different than 5nn and a call sign on CW. But CW does require some training and attention, it's not auto by the computer.
    Personally, I'm not sure what FT8 does other than give one a lot of QSO's to fill up log books. I really find it sort of a waste of time and kind of mind numbing, but then so is a CW 5NN for that matter. You do get to see where propagation is with the digi modes though.

    You pays your money, you takes your chances.
  9. ND6M

    ND6M Ham Member QRZ Page

    There's another variation of this same theme,... Starting an FT8 QSO with a Tx 2 instead of Tx 1.
  10. VE3CGA

    VE3CGA XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    sad how some just have to bypass methods to skip to the front of the line (at least in their minds)

    Today, I was working a rare dx (at least to me) but never got anything more than the first exchange - no rr73, cul or anything.
    As I was watching the screen sending responses back I noticed he was working a pile of other stations and only giving the first signal report transmission, then on to the next
    Haven't used ft8 for months
    Is not doing the rr73 round common practice now as well??

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