WSJT-X on TS590S setup issue

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by K3DBI, Apr 11, 2016.

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  1. N5ABI

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    Thank you X 1000!
  2. WA4BCS

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    Screenshot (2).png

    Hope this helps. Yes I am using ACC2 but it is shared with the DB9 port for use with the Ameritron ALS 600 amp. So I have to use a DB9 to USB cable to the computer.
  3. WA4BCS

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    My mistake--the Signalink is on the ACC2 but the amp uses both the Remote and the 232DB9 port.
  4. N5ABI

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    Thank you, Ben! I assume you're using Hamlib for Rig Control? I'll try your settings when I get home from work and post back here on the results. I appreciate you taking the time to post your settings.
  5. N5ABI

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    Well, I got to work! :) I had to run my "Output" in the WSJT-X software through the computer soundcard, instead of the Signalink. Running about 50 watts before I get any ALC. I have to listen to the tone, but it works and I've made 6 contacts so far. Thank you, Ben. It's one of those shrug your shoulders and just run with it, kind of things. :confused:
  6. WA4BCS

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    Congratulations!! Enjoy it and have fun.
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  7. VE3VGI

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  8. KK4JSJ

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    I had an issue with CAT working with the HB9HQX software ....but not working with WSJT-X. Under X I was able to send and recieve using the USB in sound options...but I couldn't use CAT control. Then I simply did the following.

    1. Went to C:\WSJT\Bin
    2. Ran the rigctld-wsjt.exe
    3. Windows Defender wanted to know if I would allow it to access outside...
    4. Answered yes...and bam....everything workies now.
  9. K2CIB

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    After spending a whole day with this issue I found the following:
    1. You must not set up a TS-590 for Data Mode. It causes filters to be active which are far too narrow for FT8. You must use USB.
    2. You must use true PTT (via RS-232/USB) or VOX (which works OK), not CAT. Somehow the wrong commands are sent using CAT for PTT so the TS-590 opens up the mike circuit, not the USB in.
    Now it works OK.
  10. WJ4U

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    Interesting, as that has not been my experience - using DATA mode and CAT and it works great.

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