WSJT-X - cannot expand waterfall display to be useful

Discussion in 'On-Air Operations - Q&A' started by KK4DX, Mar 25, 2021.

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  1. KK4DX

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    Hi - new to FT8 and when I first starting working with it, the waterfall display was useful. For some reason, the display now appears 'compressed' and is useless. If I try to drag the window wider, it simply widens the scale to 6000Hz leaving the area of interest compressed and unchanged.
    I cannot see any menus for reformatting the waterfall display to expand/zoom the region of interest to be useful.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. G8FXC

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    Fiddle with the "bits per pixel" setting - at least I think that is what it is called...

    Martin (G8FXC)
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  3. KC3PBI

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    It's the "Bins/Pixel n" control in the upper left of the waterfall control cluster. Setting it to 2 will probably help.
  4. KK4DX

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    Thanks! Yeah - that was it.

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