WSJT-X and MSHV settings for the IC-7300

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by M0AGP, Feb 28, 2021.

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  1. M0AGP

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    [Note that what follows is in no way a complaint about MSHV - I think it is awesome that someone spent so much of their time to create a contesting version of WSJT-X - thank you LZ2HV - Christo! And also to the others who helped create, test and debug etc.]

    After it took me about 2 1/2 hours to get MSHV working with my IC-7300 (lots of incorrect/contradictory info on the web, so lots of trial and error on my part), I decided that there ought to be a place where people can see a set-up that has worked. So what follows hopefully serves this purpose.

    First I boringly first list all of my IC-7300 settings that work with WSJT-X, and then note two settings that need to be changed to make it work with MSHV (avoiding things like staying permanently in transmit mode, MSHV not following the rig freq, etc).

    My settings are working in conjunction with settings in the laptop (sound card stuff mainly), and also in conjunction with how MSHV is set up. I include a couple of my setup screens from MSHV.


    IC-7300 settings that work for me with WSJT-X:


    Tone Control/TBW: never touched it

    Function: never touched it


    ACC/USB Output Select: AF

    ACC/USB AF Output Level: 50%


    ACC/USB AF Beep/Speech…Output: OFF

    ACC/USB IF Output Level: 50%

    ACC Mod Level: 50%

    USB MOD Level: 65%



    External Keypad: never touched it

    CI-V--> further menu items

    USB Serial Function: CI-V

    RTTY Recode Baud Rate: 9600

    USD Send/Keying --> further menu items

    CI-V menu

    CI-V Baud Rate: Auto

    CI-V address: 94h

    CI-V Transceive: OFF

    CI-V – Remote Transceive address: 00h

    CI-V Output (for ANT): OFF

    CI-V USB Port: Unlink from [remote] – need to change for MSHV

    CI-V USB Baud Rate: Auto

    CI-V USB Echo Back: ON

    USB Send/Keying menu

    USB SEND: RTS – need to change for MSHV

    USB Keying (CW): OFF

    USB Keying(RTTY): OFF

    Inhibit timer at USB connection: ON

    Display: never touched this menu apart form inputting my call

    MSHV and the IC-7300 - two changes that make it work from the above set-up:

    1) In the USB send setting, which was on RTS for WSJT-X, set it to DTR
    2) In the CI-V / CI-V USB Port menu which was sent to "Unlink from remote": set to "Link to remote"

    Here is the Interface control menu/settings I used in MSHV:

    Sound settings
    Note that "play control" and "record control" are actually letting you adjust the levels in your sound cards input and output so these are useful.

    I hope this saves people hours of work!

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