Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by K7XRT, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. AJ4GQ

    AJ4GQ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Excellent Antenna

    Let me add my I AGREE to that. I bought the same antenna from the rf adapter guy and it is nothing short of amazing. I can hit our 2M and 440 repeaters from inside my car at over 40 miles, with just a little white noise, while the Wouxun sitting in a cup holder in the console.
    Great radio and amazing antenna.
  2. KC9AXZ

    KC9AXZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    These radios were a HUGE hit at Huntsville Hamfest this weekend. One vendor brought these radios and a few accessories. They sold over 100 of them in just the first half of the day. I had some of their customers coming over to my tables and buy the above mentioned antennas and adapters. One guy told me he got all the accessories with his radio for around $180. That was a battery pack, drop in charger, and computer software with cable. He also picked up a AA holder for it too. I've never used one of these radios before but they look well built. The price is unbeatable. I'd thought of buying one and testing it out, then give the results to our ARES group. This would make a economical way to start filling go boxes. If I didn't already have my D7AG and IC80AD, I'd condsider buying one for a "spare". As for the antennas, stock isn't always good. I've never sold a upgraded antenna and had a customer say it preformed worse than the stock.

    Jon KC9AXZ
  3. KD8OEK

    KD8OEK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just love mine and have started using it for AmSat chasing.....what a ball !!
    glenn kd8oek
  4. KD8DVR

    KD8DVR Ham Member QRZ Page

    You too eh!.. oh wait.... Didn't I talk to you on 146.76 Earlier...(Maybe different guy... can't remember) this past afternoon ? :) Small world.... I just got off work and AO27 will have a pass in about 20 mins :) gonna give it a try..... Gotta love these inexpensive.. but oh so great radios.... didn't know that was what you were using....

  5. KD8DVR

    KD8DVR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ed is super! Can't beat the shipping speed! I have the 440 and 220 versions.... No 220 here.. but hey.. love mine so much I had to have two!! :)

    I sold my Icom single-band rigs.
  6. KD8OEK

    KD8OEK Ham Member QRZ Page

    That was me...we had a three way QSO with yourself, kd8ksn, and me kd8oek.......I did track AO-51 yesterday at 16:49 but it was very scratchy and faint....although I was inside I could still hear several QSO's being made.....this is sooooo cool !!
    glenn kd8oek
  7. KD8DVR

    KD8DVR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Isn't it :)

    Ao27 will have a pass here at 2:17. Earlier this morning it was down.... Probably goes out of service when the sat goes out of sunlight to conserve power.

    Didn't know you had a Wouxun....

    I listen to 147.240 mostly.... 2 friends also have Wouxuns... we love our rigs :)
  8. KD8OEK

    KD8OEK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Small world indeed....what is the pl code for .240 ?? I have heard it was
    100.0 then I heard it was 179.9 ?

  9. KD8DVR

    KD8DVR Ham Member QRZ Page

    No pl needed for access. It sends one but you can make it with nothing set
  10. KD8OEK

    KD8OEK Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks......I will give you shout after while...............
    later and 73"s
    glenn kd8oek
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