Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by K7XRT, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. K7XRT

    K7XRT Ham Member QRZ Page

    There has been a lot of discussion on a number of radio related forums about this Chinese import...It is an interesting radio and though it's not a Yaesu or Icom class radio it does what it is supposed to do. On the CHEAP.
    People jump in a say it is "illegal" to use in the U.S. .Well, they are now FCC certified and sold here in the U.S., LEGALLY and you get a WARRANTY and a place to get service...I have no affiliation with the company..Just passing on the info for those that are interested in getting more info... The place selling em is pretty decent to do business with, too.


    You Tube videos on this radio......http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=WOUXUN+KG-UVD1P&aq=f
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2010
  2. KE4DYI

    KE4DYI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just ordered one of these radios and a matching speaker mic, since I am blind, and it has some voice prompts. Plus, it's about as cheap as it gets for a dual bander. It should be here next week, so we'll see how it goes.
    Currently, my only working radio is an old Icom ICT-2h.

    Does anyone have a possible recommendation for a better-than-stock rubber duck antenna, possibly something with a bit more than 2.15dBi gain? Yes, I know, a duck is a duck, but I'd like to maximize portable output as much as possible without lugging something huge around.
  3. K5ECR

    K5ECR Ham Member QRZ Page

  4. NN3W

    NN3W Ham Member QRZ Page

    They're not legal for amateur service. They're Part 90 (land mobile) certified. They are NOT certified for Part 97....That is based on an OET search conducted today.
  5. KC2UGV

    KC2UGV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Egads. Did you read the license manuals before taking your test?

    How many Rockmites or Pixies out there do you think are Part 97 certified, hm?
  6. W6ECE

    W6ECE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I can no longer use all the equipment I have built in the last 62 years? I have never had my stuff certified. Will they take my license away soon? I thought we were Amateurs. We don't need no stinking certification!
  7. W4CLM

    W4CLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why I decided NOT to sell this product. FYI

    I received 1/2 dozen Emails or so from people telling me they can buy them shipped to the door for $104 Directly from Hong Kong. Look at the Ebay prices on these things.

    I'm not out of business, just don't want to try and compete against that.

    Too understand the full picture here, one needs to know the price of the rig ea. Times Shipping each $18.00, ($187 for box) Divide the cost of money transfer and add that cost of money transfer from the bank add it on to each radios. Same for a customs import fee billing I received from UPS. Then add in all the time I was planning to support the product, emails back and forth, shipping. It's just not worth it and then to have people want them for $104. Let them get their support from a Hong Kong Ebay distributor and see what kind of warranty support they get out of their $96 Ebay Radio. Or let them buy it at Dayton for $100 and they will likely get less support. If it were not for the users groups on Yahoo and else where there would be NO support.

    One must also consider that the Hong Kong dollar is about $8 HKG to ONE lat time I looked. Thus they can eat a lot of Fish Heads and rice for each dollar of profit they make off each radio at dealer price. How many times you been to HKG? I've been there likely 50 times or more, you can eat a lot on $16 HKG dollars that's about $2 USD, people live very cheap and these radio shops are small hole in the wall dealers crammed into little rooms the size of a closet. For those who don't understand currency conversion google it today $1 USD = 7.9 HKG dollars at todays rate.

    We on the other hand have to factor in the shipping cost and things I've mentioned to you above. If you simply subtract the shipping from their unit price you will be getting very close to the rigs distributor price. It's not worth it to me to make $7 a radio and put up with the bull crap from the cheap hams who want it for little or nothing with accessories shipped to the door.

    I hope this helps you understand now and you are welcome to quote me directly from this email to those on QRZ, because I seldom if ever really read it unless I want to post something and that's not very often.


    Here is another guy selling it with the program cable.

    They are even cutting each other's throats.

    I will carry a reputable product and a fair price and if people don't want to pay it then they can buy this stuff off Ebay. They will get the warranty and support they pay for. How much more can I explain. And please take me up on posting this back to QRZ forums so they know. Its simple mathematics Vs the headache of dealing with a lot of hams who want a lot for little or nothing.

    Carol W4CLM

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    From: notify@yahoogroups.com [mailto:notify@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Bill
    Sent: Monday, May 24, 2010 9:31 PM
    To: w4clm
    Subject: I don't understand

    I was thinking about this radio, and suddenly you are out of biz selling it. It was a whirlwind period of time, with the typical grumpy old men on QRZ flaming and burning. Nothing unusual about that.

    I don't think you are providing the full answer about stopping sales. I can only guess.

  8. W1MSG

    W1MSG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Personally I will just pick one up off e-bay, I have seen them for less than $100 with shipping lately. The e-bay guys are cutting each other which really makes one wonder how much they are paying for the radios and what the actual production cost is.

    I'm afraid anything sold in the US is sold for the highest profit margin regardless of what the actual cost is.

    I'm surprised the grumpy old haters havent chimed in yet, of course they will complain about anything ...
  9. W4CLM

    W4CLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank U

    Thank you for making my point.
    I rest my case.
    Carol W4CLM


    Maybe we will be able to buy these cheap 2m / 440 units at the Great Wall (of China) Mart soon!
  10. W1MSG

    W1MSG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I really feel bad that you have gotten so many low ball complaints, personally I dont mind spending and extra $20 or $30 for some one who is going through the trouble of bringing them in to the US and supporting them. I even see where the wouxunusa.com site basically says to go buy a real radio hahaha. Some people are just Jerks no matter what ya do...

    Any way I expect you will be happier with less stress now that you dont have to put up with the folks that drag this hobby down..

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