Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KB1JFQ, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. KC2KOA

    KC2KOA Ham Member QRZ Page

    It's not proximity to your computer. I confirmed this today by trying to build a PTT circuit that would trip the PTT inside the MIC jack on the radio. Couldn't make it trip but I did manage to block out the "plug it all the way in and it will PTT all day long" problem.

    We're not getting something right. I think maybe it's not a direct carry-over of the Kenwood specification.
  2. KF7MBM

    KF7MBM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I ordered mine from Ed at wouxun.us on Sunday the 12th and it arrived Wednesday the 15th. I spent some time figuring it out, didn't really take all that long and was listening to a net check in by Sunday.

    The battery was fully charged when it arrived and I've not charged it since and it's still going strong after being on in receive for 6 or 7 hours.

    I made my first contact ever last night and got a very good report on my signal although my modulation was a little low due to speaking too softly and too far away from the mic.

    I'm liking it!

  3. N3PVZ

    N3PVZ Guest


    Can anyone speak to the scan functions? Scan speed, priority scan, delay/resume?

    I am on the verge of an impulse buy here!

    Chris C.
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  4. K5RCD

    K5RCD XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Scan speed is not lightening fast, a bit slower than most hand helds, but certainly fast enough.

    I does have a priority channel scan function, but it must be setup via software. (Choose a channel number to be set as your (single) priority channel and program that frequency into the chosen priority channel).

    It has choice of 3 Scan modes:

    Stop scanning when signal is received mode (SE),

    Stop scanning for 3 seconds while receiving a signal, then resume scanning after signal disappears(CO),

    Stop scanning for 5 seconds then resume scanning even if signal is still present(TO)
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2011
  5. N3PVZ

    N3PVZ Guest

    OK great - thank you Randy! I am glad to see it has priority scan - that is a useful feature in my opinion! I appreciate the info!

    "Radio and Accessory Shop" has a package on eBay for $129.95 that includes radio, charger, extra battery, cable and software. This is a dealer out of Hong Kong, versus wouxun.us which is domestic. They have good reviews posted. Anyone have experience with them? I assume it will take longer to ship but that sounds like a deal!

    I have been looking for a new HT and really didn't know much about Wouxun unitl I stumbled across this thread. I'm kinda excited about this HT - sounds like a good feature rich unit at a bargain price!
  6. K5RCD

    K5RCD XML Subscriber QRZ Page

  7. WA8UEG

    WA8UEG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Radioshop888 out of Hong Kong has it for $105 delivered with all the common accessories. I have ordered 3 times from them and they are fast and great. You can track your order and shipment direct from their web sight. It is a great radio but make sure you get the package with program software and cable. It makes life soooooo easy and fast, also easy to make changes in memory positions. The AA battery pack makes a great inexpensive spare when loaded with rechargeable batteries.
  8. N3PVZ

    N3PVZ Guest

    OK guys, thank you again!! Power-werx looks good, a little more money to get all the extra's I would want, but is a domestic dealer and probably will arrive sooner. They also have the KG-UVD3P, versus the "1" version, which looks like it is just a case and ergonomics redesign. Radiosho888 has a good deal also, but again is overseas (for better or worse).

    I guess my choice is really domestic vs. foreign, and "quick" vs. "slow" shipping. I'm one of those "instant gratification" guys!

    Chris C.
  9. WA0HPN

    WA0HPN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Got one

    I received mine yesterday. Once I got the proper device driver for Windows 7 the computer upload of frequency data went fine.
    If you are running Win7, do a search at WOUXUN for the upgraded drivers.

    I have ordered two more units. One for my XYL and the other for another ham in town who saw it. Seems to be just what we need for lightweight easy to use units.:D
  10. KD0NZL

    KD0NZL Ham Member QRZ Page

    i have one of these and like the radio but when i programed in a repeater channel with a + it works fine in freq mode but when i change to name mode it goes to - and wont let me switch it. how do i overcome this?
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